If We Begin With the Soul, Which is Invisible…

The strange and mostly unknown Reality Mankind faces is that we treasure the bodies we are using..  a great deal… and we fail to realize these bodies we so heavily prize  are  RENTALS!!!

It takes a long time to “earn” the right to rent a human body… and the body itself does not contain warning labels, or directions for what constitutes “proper” use? Such directions are meant to be passed on by those Souls that have received these directions from special Souls incarnated into this Earth plane expressly to provide mankind such instructions and guidelines.

We refer to such “special” Souls as Saints, Wise Men, Masters, or Perfect Living Masters.  The problem is…. there are just as many Souls who are influenced by other “special Souls” who serve Satan [the negative power], rather than God.  And the term “Satan” simply refers to  the Negative aspect of Creation… which is REQUIRED if one [in this case God] is to Create and sustain the physical Creation.

In other words, in order to Create physical form, there must exist “oppositional forces”. This is the reason we are told about good and evil!  Outside of the Spiritual Dimension [which is also called the Word, or God],which is the ONLY Reality that exists… that is,  as a permanent Reality!  This permanent Reality has, throughout history,  been referred to as immortality.

Everything we can see and think about with our physical senses is part of the Illusion of  life, or the bottom rungs of the Ladder of Life.   This physical plane is where Souls can work their way up the Ladder of Life.  And this is the ‘secret’ Purpose of Life” that some  Souls [who are Enlightened enough]  are vaguely aware exists?  The Purpose of Life is hinted at in Eastern mysticism, but who in the very “advanced” nation of America is interested in such backward texts?

In America, and much of the West in general, the goal of Intellectualism [the false god of intellect … put forth by Satan]… which preaches that there is noting the brain  cannot achieve… is  a favorite belief of the Intelack type person [or the Soul that has not made much Spiritual progress].   This idea that Man can achieve immortality by intellectual means is very popular, and today, the majority of people in the world are dedicated to the pursuit of salvation via Intellectualism. Thinking and the brain has become the god of many people on Earth.

This is of course their prerogative to think this… and this idea is fostered by the MIND of Man. The problem with such thinking is… it is false.  All a Soul achieves by placing the brain and thinking as its god… is an opportunity to begin again climbing up the Ladder of Life… as one’s Soul rents the various life forms that constitute the classes of species each Soul must use as stepping stones up the Ladder of Life.

Creation is forever.  And from time to time the physical universe must re-new itself, and re-structure itself in order to destroy and revitalize the Earth as a prime piece of Real Estate.  The Earth is, as Shakespeare said, a giant stage upon which we Souls play out the “game” of life.  And only those really dedicated Souls achieve enough C’etc [pronounced “C_etcetera”], which are the Virtues of Life, to warrant them being allowed to end what some in the East refer to as the wheel of 84 [or slowly moving up the Ladder of Life by engaging in the 8,400,000 of species of things in Creation].

You see [well, hopefully you now see] that wasting one’s human birth on being evil is really an awful thing to do. But, it is entirely up to one’s own Soul what one does?

I do hope this bit of arcane Knowledge will be helpful to some people?


Brother James



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