Why is Gnosticism so Unknown?

We might ask ourselves the reason Truth is unknown?  Because, many well known philosophers have sought for Truth for centuries… and yet, it remains unknown. Why is this?  The reason is that Truth, like Spirituality, cannot manifest on the physical plane of existence.  Your brain is part of the physical dimension.

And this reason Truth, Knowledge and Spirituality is unable to manifest on the physical plane may strike you as  peculiar, and yet it is also simple… if we are open to the  existence of the unknown?  Truth exists, but it only exists in the Spiritual dimension.  The same is true for the Soul, and Spiritual Energy.

But, perhaps you were not aware that you had a Spiritual dimension?  You also have two dimensions of your MIND, and both of these are invisible…as are their operations. The levels of invisibility of the MIND dimensions and the Spiritual dimension are often referred to as the Esoteric dimensions of Man.   The fact is, the whole of yourself is composed of four simultaneously existing vibrational dimensions, each with its own vibrational reality, and only one of the four is physical, tangible, and capable of being experienced by your brain or physical senses

Unfortunately, in the early 1900s, a very bright man, named B.F. Skinner, had a MIND that caused him to “think” that there was no MIND Within Man, and his MIND caused him to believe that to search for a MIND was silly.  Skinner was quite wrong, but he was an Intelack type person… which means lacking in C’etc [or the Virtues of Life, which can be thought of as Consciousness], and his belief is the way his MIND helped him deal with his fear of the unknown Within himself.

In my writing,  and in my work, the term Within, in bold and italic, specifically refers to phenomena operating inside of us that are invisible to our brains and to our physical senses.  This invisible  phenomena are of two forms…1. MIND-level energy, and 2. Spiritual Energy.  The ONLY part of Man capable of experiencing these Esoteric or invisible energies is one’s faculty of Intuition.  And your Intuition is a part of your Spiritual dimension, thus quite independent of both your brain and its thinking.

So… if you are confined to the Left-Hemisphere [L-H] of your brain for your pursuit of the unknown in life… you will be unable to discover the three-quarters of the whole of yourself that your brain is incapable of experiencing.

You see, no part of the Esoteric or invisible dimensions [or their operations directly] can be perceived by your brain or physical senses… because the Esoteric or invisible dimensions Within you cannot manifest on this physical plane.  The only aspects of the Esoteric dimensions going on Within us that we can perceive are the physical behavioral symptoms these invisible dimensions cause us to act out.

The problem is… our MINDs subtly disguise our behavioral symptoms so that they cannot convey any part of what is causing us to act out our behaviors?  Isn’t this cleaver of our MINDs?  And just imagine how many people in America are being misdiagnosed every day by people like Skinner, who are taught to believe that the only problem a person has is the behaviors that person acts out.

I refer to people like Skinner as part of BS&bp, or Behavioral Science and the oxymoron behavioral psychology.  These people [unknown to themselves] are taught to deny and ignore the MIND of Man, based on the fear-driven beliefs of Skinner.

Back to Gnosticism…   The term Enlightened, or Enlightenment goes hand in hand with the term Gnosticism, in that only those people whose Souls are fairly well advanced in Spiritual Evolution will possess a faculty of Intuition capable of experiencing the “bits of Truth” that constitute Knowledge, which a person’s Soul has slowly acquired over many, many lifetimes.

And no, this is not ‘common knowledge’ in the West.  But it is true nonetheless.

So, now you know the reason so few people on Earth are Enlightened.  It takes a very dedicated Soul, and a great deal of hard work to climb up the Ladder of Life that each Soul is slowly climbing.  And, until you are Enlightened, you will not be “ready” to awaken to the Gnosis slowly being acquired by your Soul.

Peace, Brother James




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