How to Achieve Peace Within Oneself… Or, the benefit of KNOWING!

Let us define Peace for ourselves…

Peace is the absence of confusion, strife, or anxiety.  It is a state of being in which one KNOWs that one is in the hands of God, and that if one died at any time, only ones body would die, not one’s Soul, nor the MIND that is attached to one’s Soul.

Peace is very much like a state of bliss, and while one can empathize with the pain and suffering of the world, one KNOWs that none of this has anything to do with one’s Soul, and its relationship to God.  How come?  Because to achieve Peace, one must be Enlightened enough to be able to differentiate the illusion of life from the Reality of Life.

This Earth plane is intended as a plane of engaging in Karma, and eventually Completing that Karma by fully accepting it as being initiated by oneself originally, and thus, one is able to own what happens to oneself,  and forgive both the person who delivers ones past Karma to oneself, and oneself for initiating it in the first place.

Enlightenment is a mystical and invisible process that takes from Within oneself… which converts bits of stored Karma into bits of Truth [Knowledge], which are then stored within ones Apapsyche [Operational Energy of one’s Soul], and when the time is right, these bits of Truth are made available to ones Conscious Awareness [“C-Awar” ], by ones faculty of Intuition.  These come to one as a COMPLETE CONCEPT… Wherein a new bit of Truth is suddenly KNOWN, and all the tangential experiential material that support that bit of Intuition is also fully KNOWN at the moment.

But… as soon as one attempts to “think” about what one has Intuited, the entire concept begins to fade away.  One KNOWs that what one Intuited was Real,  True, and important, but nonetheless, the more one tries to think about it, the quicker it disappears.  Eventually the only element left to oneself is the Absolute Knowledge that one momentarily possessed a bit of TRUTH Within oneself.  And now, although one cannot share what one experienced with anyone else… the Reality of what one experienced is unshakable, and it forms a new way of viewing Life.  Over an extended period of time, many years, this increased understanding becomes Enlightenment, and a sense of Peace is the gradual result of such increased KNOWLEDGE.  If this suggests to you that Truth, Knowledge and Spirituality is the same thing… the suggestion is correct.

The reason one cannot share what one experienced with others [with one exception] is that what one experienced was a bit of Truth, and Truth CANNOT manifest on this physical plane, nor can it be known by ones brain, thinking, or ones MIND.  The exception is this: Anyone who has experienced and awakened to the same bit of Truth from Within him/herself, will automatically KNOW exactly what you experienced.  Even though all you can say is:  “You know…”  And the other person will say:  “Yes, I KNOW exactly what you mean.”  Most people do not realize how much we human beings communicate with one another via Empathetic Understanding.  Resonant vibrational messaging that may be Intuited, but not intellectually known.

If you KNOW what I am saying, then you have experienced it from Within yourself.  If you do not KNOW what I am saying, then there is no way for me nor anyone else to tell you.

I once taught a different type of class in a university in the Mid-West, and half the class members had the experience I am describing.  And they labeled the experience “KNOWINGS”.  And only half the class were able to  experience this phenomenon because only half the class was “ready” to awaken to bits of Truth from Within themselves.

I learned a great deal during that semester, as did half the class members in that class.

Peace, Brother James


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