Escaping the Illusion & other obscure elements of Spirituality

To begin, let us consider whether this physical plane is real,or whether it is an illusion?

Let us take note of  a primary characteristic of the illusion, and that is change?   That is, in the illusion, everything is constantly changing.  We get older, and often fatter, and we continue to age until we die. Change is constant, and no one can stop this change.

Another characteristic of the illusion is that although it seems real, and is the only reality that most people can know… there is nothing about the illusion that is permanent.  And, it occurs to us that if something is real, it should be real today, and tomorrow as well?  So, although this Earth plane seems real, it is obviously  not permanent, nor does this constant change allow permanence.

So, what  we can experience is that life is changing, and that there is death, and birth,  and most people have no idea what happens after death, or before birth?

Another set of questions many people wonder about concerns the Soul?  What is it, and where does it exist within the body;  and where does it go, when we die?  And, does death occur because the Soul leaves the body, or does death of the body force the Soul to leave?  And, if there is no Soul, what sustains life?

A question Man tends to ignore… until death arrives, is what happens when we die?  And a  related question is… what is the Purpose of Life?

It has always seemed to me to be disingenuous of Man to claim to be an Atheist, and at the same time… be unable to answer the questions I have posed above. How can one KNOW there is no God, when one has no evidence to support one’s denial of God?

So, given all these questions, we add one more:  How does one escape the illusion of life?  That is, how does one avoid what is clearly a cycle of birth and death?  Or, is Man really an accident of an existence that just happens to exist, and which, being an accident… it  has no purpose at all?

________ Well…

The FACT is… Life has a fascinating Purpose, but this Purpose remains a mystery to most people because it is entirely Spiritual [invisible].  And when is the last time you were able to imagine what your Soul looks like?  To help explain what the Early Popes were unable to comprehend [of Spirituality], they misinterpreted a single passage in the Bible, and created an entirely false idea.

Hebrews 9:27  And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgement…

NOTE: Once to die… does not mean once to live.  It means the Soul can inhabit a body only one time. At death, that Soul must pay for its sins… in appropriate Hells, and then that Soul [with MIND attached] may be reincarnated into another form to continue its exploration of the Creation.  And in addition to reincarnation, there is also transmigration, which means a Soul incarnating into a lower life form [but only if its last life was like that of an animal].

Also Hebrews 10:4  For it is not possible that the blood of bulls and of goats should take away sins.

In other words, to punish innocent animals for one’s own sins is in itself a sin. And any Enlightened  person would realize this.  But the MIND of Man is a most devious thing.  And until one’s Soul has acquired sufficient Consciousness… it is subject to the desires of the MIND, which was attached to each Soul at the beginning of Creation.

Part of the Purpose of Life is for each Soul to slowly awaken to the Reality of Life, by engaging in… and eventually COMPLETING Kama. The MIND is required by the Soul to operate in the Creation… because the Soul itself is an aspect of God, and thus unable to directly interact with the Creation. More on this and other elements in later posts.

Peace, Brother James


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