circle This symbol of life is a bit deceptive, and allow me to explain what I mean.

Most people think of the circle of life as beginning at birth, and ending at death. And in this blog, we will refer to a single lifetime  as an ARC.  Or a portion of a circle that represents one lifetime, in a series of lifetimes, the total of which competes the CIRCLE OF LIFE for an individual Soul. So, each lifetime a Soul lives, is an Arc in the Circle of Life.

arcAn Arc is one lifetime, and while we are at it, we had best address what mystics tell us about the Soul.  At the time of Creation, a vast number of Souls were projected into the Creation by God.  Some Souls wanted to rush into the Creation, anxious to explore what God had Created.  But other Souls did not want to leave God at all.  So God, marked those Souls that did not want to leave God, and promised them that when they wanted to return Home, they might do so.  With that, all Souls entered Creation.

You may have read in the Bible, especially in Revelation, a mention of the “Book of Life”?  And at the time of Armageddon, those Souls that are in “the Book of Life” will be resurrected.  Well, what if the Souls in the Book of Life are those Souls that God “marked” before they entered the Creation?  So, we are told that if Souls are still committed to God, and are in the Book of Life, then they will be Resurrected.lifetimeThis illustration illustrates one lifetime.  And the reader should appreciate that every living thing has a Soul.  The Bible, as remarkable as it is, is merely a snippet of the on-going Reality of Creation.  A story of the Life of the Jews, and the story covers the time from the beginning of the Jews, until the “New Jerusalem,” which I believe is located in the Astral region of Creation, and not on Earth, as many believe.  But this is my take of Chapter 21 of Revelation.

The brain is not the MIND.  The brain is physical, and thus, it can only perceive that which is physical, tangible, and thus, part of the  Physical Universe, or the physical plane of existence.  So the MIND, which remains with a Soul throughout its entire exploration of Creation, compartmentalizes a lifetime as remembered by a brain, and that memory relates to that particular lifetime, period.  The MIND is only interested in an ARC, or a single lifetime… in so much as the Karma one experienced in that lifetime?  The MIND keeps a complete record of all the Karma it experiences, and this record is also kept as part of the Akashic Records [which are mentioned in the Bible as (“other books are opened as well”)].

number  One Arc  is one lifetime, and each Soul has as many LIFETIMES as it needs to complete its unique Circle of Life?  And remember,  all life forms possess a Soul, and each Soul must climb up the Ladder of Life as part of its growth and maturational process.  The Ladder of LIFE begins with one-celled units, and as a Soul ascends the Ladder, the Soul incarnates into higher life forms, until eventually it achieves the status of human being.  The human being is the only life form capable of worshiping God  So, the Karma of the human being is a much more serious proposition.  The negative Karma created by non-human lifeforms is more easily forgiven.  When one achieves the status of a human being, the negative Karma ones MIND creates is significant, and more difficult to resolve.  It is, in  fact, this store of negative Karma that prevents a Soul from leaving the  Creation.


If each of us could “see” the store of Karma contained within his or her MIND, we would not even attempt to try and escape from the Creation.   So, fortunately this store of Karma is invisible to us, so we can imagine ourselves being more highly evolved that we are!!  We literally cannot “see” our own Karma.

There are only two ways to eliminate this store of Karma.  One is to Accept it and grieve for it.  But, when some bit of Karma comes to us, we naturally resent it, resist it,  and we tend to blame the person who provides us with our own bit of past Karma. You see, since ones brain has no memory of ones Karma [is hidden from us by our  MINDs], it is very difficult to accept responsibility for what is “obviously” some one else’s fault.  So, to even begin to diminish one’s own Karma, one has to have a certain level of Enlightenment …and how is this acquired?  By doing good works, and expecting no reward whatsoever… or by intentional meditation.  But in the West, such meditation is not promoted,nor is it taught.

Sorry to be so rigid about this, but to escape the Creation is no easy matter.  With due respect to Christianity, and other religions… the means of escaping the cycle of birth and death requires extraordinary efforts… which requires an extraordinary desire to escape.  So, my next blog will be about MEDITATION… The Secret Path Home.

Peace, Brother James


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