MEDITATION…The Secret Path Home

Let us begin with a mystical definition of Meditation.

Meditation is a mystical process [mystical simply means not available to one’s brain or physical senses], of withdrawing ones “Attention” [must be defined separately] from a great deal of dissociated bits of Karma [term Karma which means “action”] that are stored ‘Within’ one’s MIND realm.   The ‘thing’ is… all these bits of Karma are, in actuality, one’s own Spiritual Energy… which one’s Soul provided to its MIND to ‘create’ physical or emotional phenomena.

This transference of Spiritual Energy [or NSgy] by the Soul to the MIND that surrounds the Soul, to ‘create’ physical phenomena is how we Souls “learn,” “Grow,” and “mature’.  It is, simply put… the “Purpose of Life” And to fulfill the Purpose of Life, we Souls engage in, experience, and are bound  by the Law of Karma. So, every action taken creates a Karmic debt that MUST be received… guaranteed by the Law of Karma, which no Soul can avoid.

meditation-7Every action brings that same action back to oneself.

In the West, due to “BS&bp“. the West has been in denial of the whole of Man for about a century. As a consequence, a great deal of Knowledge regarding Man has been lost.  This is especially true as regards the Esoteric [invisible] dimensions of Man.

So, in each life a Soul lives, regardless of the physical form it inhabits, it creates Karma, and the Law of Karma, simply put, is this:  “As you sow, so shall ye reap”. And the Law of Karma is not a theory, nor an option,it is an Absolute Law. Therefore, in each life a Soul lives, it creates Karma, and this Karma is stored ‘Within’ the MIND of that Soul.


The above illustration points to the Eye Center, which is where the Soul and the MIND are knotted together.  And all of this exists and operates in realms and regions of vibrational matter that are completely invisible to the brain and physical senses of Man.  And, I should mention at this point that much of this blog speaks to elements and operations which exist in each of us, but these are entirely invisible to the brain and physical senses.  The only reason we know of these is from the writings and discourses of Spiritual Masters, that had, by their own Meditation, made the journey back through the higher dimensions ‘Within’ themselves, including the Pure Spirituality ‘Within’ themselves.

I mentioned that the term “attention” needs to be defined as a separate entity.  This term refers to a very mystical [invisible] operation ‘Within’ Man. I refer to “attention”  as  “C-Awar,” or Conscious Awareness.  It is an aspect of ones Soul that allows ones Soul to ‘experience’ the whole of Creation… while, at the same time, remaining quite separate from the Creation.  You see, the Soul is composed of NSgy, which means it is composed of Energy that is pure Spiritual Energy, which I have labeled NSgy [Neutral Spiritual Energy].  And there is nothing on Earth, the Astral region, or the Causal region that exists as an example of NSgy.

And yes, as strange as it might seem, the Soul ‘Within’ Man is not, in any way, a part of Man.  The Whole of Man is composed of four simultaneously existing vibrational dimensions, only one of which is physical, tangible, and capable of being perceived by the brain and physical senses.  So, when you die, your Soul and MIND are the only parts of yourself that do not die. The entire physical body begins dissolving itself into the Earth from which it came.

The primordial Energy of existence, in other words, is NSgy, and nothing of Creation can enter the realm of God, or the Spiritual dimension, or the dimension of NSgy.

This then is the REASON the Soul that is encumbered with Karma CANNOT ENTER THE SPIRITUAL DIMENSION.  In the Bible, the rich man wanted to follow Christ, but Christ said that he must let go of his wealth [which was of Mammon, or the Earth], and the MIND of the man could not do this.  In other words, all the wealth his MIND had created was produced by his MIND  using the NSgy of his Soul.  His Soul, therefore, was not whole.  No Soul can return to God until it is Pure, and it has no part of itself “attached” to the Creation… which is, after all, A CREATION. The name for this “attachment” is KARMA.


As you can see in this illustration, the process of Meditation must fight against the many bits of Karma a person has acquired over many lifetimes.  The almost insurmountable problem is… we do not KNOW all this KARMA exists?  Does this bring to memory the plight of Don Quixote, and his windmills?

The Christian preacher, or teacher is correct when he/she says that if a person asks for forgiveness, it is granted.  Of course God forgives we Souls for doing what HE designed for us to do.  What Christianity fails to realize is that FORGIVENESS by God is one thing, and purifying ones Soul is quite another matter.  The Spiritual Realm is Pure Spiritual Energy.  Nothing that is not Pure can even exist on the Spiritual Realm.

The Astral region and the Causal region are both much finer realms that is the Physical Universe, or the Earth.  The Causal realm is much finer than the Astral region, and both are filled with Souls that are WORKING THEIR WAY BACK HOME. So, to imagine that if one is Enlightened enough to leave this physical plane, one is home free…  is a gross misunderstanding of Reality.  Life is not as simple as we have been led to believe by those who profess to “know” what Reality is?

meditation-4..A……….. and Bmeditation-1

In B above, the different rings of grey represent all the many kinds, types, and levels of Karma. The black circle surrounding the Soul [which is Yellow] is the MIND, and the MIND is not visible to the brain [which is physical and part of the physical body].

I spoke of “special help”.  Well KNOWN in mysticism, but little known in the West, is the fact that Christ was a Perfect Living Master, or PLM.  The Eastern mystics have KNOWN [and KNOWN in all capital letters refers to possessing Spiritual Knowledge] that God has provided Perfect Living Masters to the Creation since the time of Creation.  These Masters have not come into Creation to improve it,or change it, but have incarnated precisely to render a service to those Souls that are “ready” to begin their journey Home.  This service is provided by giving “Initiation” to those Souls for whom that Master will take over the administration of their Karma.  When Christ said “I KNOW my sheep, and my sheep KNOW me.”  He was saying what all PLM KNOW, and that is… the Souls that are destined to be Initiated by a PLM will automatically be drawn to that Master. And that Master will KNOW which Souls are his to Initiate?  Each Soul thus Initiated experiences a most extraordinary event.


Jesus himself told John the Baptist that he was supposed to Initiate Jesus, thus causing the Christ ‘Within’ Jesus to be awakened.  Of Course Jesus was born to be a PLM, but the Laws of God are always followed precisely by Perfect Living Masters. And the awakening of the Spirit ‘Within’ the Soul must be done by a Soul that is God-Realized, and thus acting on behalf of God.

What I have shared with the reader  is no doubt frustrating in some ways. But please consider the larger fact that we Souls are not alone in this vast Creation. We have a Father that cares for us Absolutely.  But… let us focus on the REASON we are on the Earth Plane?  Each Soul on Earth has personally committed to the cycle of birth and death, and has also committed to the Law of Karma.  A Soul does not have to KNOW about the Reality of Life,of course… it just helps should a Soul get tired of the cycle of birth and death… and want to begin the process of leaving this illusion?

You have no doubt heard the term Enlightenment, but not everyone KNOWs what this term means? I have written about this, and the reader, if interested, can research it HERE. Briefly, by “completing” Karma, ones Soul creates bits of Truth that become Knowledge.  And these bits of Truth are stored within ones Soul, and are made available to ones “C-Awar” when one is “ready” to awaken to such Knowledge?

But, back to Meditation.  The goal of meditation is to rise above one’s MIND, and by doing so, allow one’s Soul to begin to awaken to the Knowledge stored ‘Within’ itself.There are two channels of communication ‘Within’ Man.  One is that used by ones MIND and via ones MIND with ones brain.  This is loosely called intellect.

The other channel is Spiritual in nature, and it is only available to those Souls that have practiced ‘meditation’ for an extended period of time.  As a Soul is able to complete Karma, that Karma is converted into bits of Truth, or Knowledge. And this Knowledge is stored within what I refer to as the Apapsyche… research Here.

in order for  the illusion to function as though it is real… it must appear to us as real.


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