The Path of the Soul… Part II

Imagine a huge ladder, and it is the “Ladder of Life,” and all Souls are perched somewhere on the rungs of this LoL.  Souls are perched upon the Ladder based on how much “C’etc” each Soul has acquired?

C’etc“[ pronounced “C_etcetera”],  is my symbol for the Virtues of Life: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding.  We can also refer to C’etc as standing for Consciousness, which I believe the ancient Greeks used to refer to the collected Virtues, which ultimately = Wisdom.  Knowledge, by the way, ONLY exists Within a person, and it is the ultimate result of a bit of Completed Karma, which, when converted from Karma into Truth… by a process I refer to as Esotransmutation [a mystic process whereby ones MIND, in cooperation with ones Soul, converts the Yin and Yang experiences of Karma into a complete Knowledge of a particular bit of Karma]… thus converting all the related experiences of that bit of Karma into a bit of Truth, which is stored in what I refer to as ones Apapsyche, as a complete concept of Reality.  These bits of Truth are made available to ones Conscious Awareness [C-Awar], to be Intuited by oneself when the time is right to become C-Awar of that particular bit of Truth.

And C’etc is slowly accumulated by ones Soul by engaging in and eventually “completing” Karma.  Now, it is quite easy to engage in Karma, we do it constantly. But to “complete” Karma is quite another thing.

When I use the term “complete,” I am referring to accepting that Karma that comes to us to go through in this lifetime…[ which is the Karma we created in either this lifetime,or in some other lifetime], and Accepting it without any resistance,  anger, or any blame of the person who is returning our Karma to us in this lifetime.  And, of course this means no thought of revenge whatsoever.

Because the returning Karma seems like something new, and undeserved… it is only “natural” for people to see themselves as VICTIMS.  And, in a nation that denies and ignores the Laws and principles of Karma, we have a massive number of victims in America.  This means we have a great many people blaming those who are merely returning their previous Karma back to them… and this means we have people CREATING even more Karma for themselves.  This is the reason it is so difficult for us to Complete our stored Karma.  And the ignorance of the West to the Law of Karma only exacerbates this problem.  This is, by the way, exactly the reason Christ said:  “Do not judge”.  And “To forgive others…”

The individual who is drawn to the discovery of the Law of Karma, and how it works is indeed a fortunate individual.  The Soul of a person who begins to awaken to the Law of Karma, and how it works… is both fortunate, and  most likely Enlightened.  If the Soul of that person also has acquired sufficient C’etc to enable it to resist the resentment of the MIND that is attached to that Soul, then both the Virtues of Conscience and Discretion will help that person Accept what happens to him/her as simply returning Karma.  At the same time,  that person’s Enlightened level of Acceptance will enable him/her to not blame the person providing his/her past Karma.  This Acceptance [and taking full  responsibility for the “returning” Karma] will COMPLETE that particular bit of Karma,   And it will be converted into a bit of Truth by the Esotransmutation Process “Within” that person.

Needless to say… my writing about this does not include, nor can my writing begin to convey  the great difficultly a person must overcome… over many lifetimes … in order to work though each “bit of Karma”.  All our struggle, effort, pain and suffering is specifically designed to help us grow and mature as Souls.  The term “Enlightenment” should mean a great deal to us, but it rarely does.  The reason, once again, is that the Spirituality hidden Within us… only becomes part of our C-Awar [Conscious Awareness] when we have gained sufficient Enlightenment.  This takes many lifetimes, whether one believes in this concept  or not makes little difference in the Reality of its existence.

I still recommend the book:  The Path of the Masters, by Julian Johnson, which is available in many public libraries.


Brother James


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