Regarding Your Soul… and Hillary

During meditation this a.m., I awakened to a most unusual thought… that I would like to share with others.

Now, most people are quite busy with their lives on this Earth Plane, and do not have [or take] the time for two or three hours of meditation every morning.  I have been doing this for the last 40+ years, so for me, it is now a habit [that I enjoy very much] … although my MIND, even after such a long time, still attempts to balk at the idea.

This morning, I had a remarkable epiphany… completing an Esoteric pursuit of many years duration, and that… in turn, led me to a realization about Hillary Clinton… and that is what I would like to share with the reader.

The Soul of each human being is busy exploring and experiencing the Creation, since that is what the Purpose of Life is all about.  But this morning it occurred to me that we all need to be thankful that the Soul of Hillary has chosen the path she is following in this life time.  That is… every Soul in America [every person in other words]  needs to appreciate the fact that we are experiencing a most exceptional event.  We are living at a time in history in which a person like Hitler, Stalin, and Mao existed… and this history is taking place  right in front of our eyes… but very few of us have realized just how much “vicarious  EDUCATION” Hillary and Bill are providing we Souls.

That is, the Souls of Hillary and Bill have dedicated themselves to a “full” exploration of evil in this lifetime.  Or put another way, these two Souls have taken upon themselves an intense exploration  of Greed, Avarice, Hate, Envy, murder and unrestrained desire for the Control of others in this lifetime.  And, most likely this is not a coincidence that their desire to experience the full range of evil  coincides  with the fact that the world is in the End Time according to the Bible.  And, this crime spree also coincides with the fact that Satan has been cast out of Heaven, and is taking out his revenge on the Earth… or this is what the scriptures tell us.

So, although we must thank Bill and Hillary for their performance, let no one be tempted to participate in their exploration… because the Reaping of the negative KARMA they are Sowing will take thousands of years in Hell to work out.

And, while we are at it, let us grieve just a bit for all the Souls within those people who are helping Bill and Hillary engage in so much evil.  They will find at the time of death, a bus waiting for their Souls that will take them to the same place Bill and Hillary are going.

My advice for the reader… do not in any way buy a ticket for that trip… which means… do not vote for Hillary.


Brother James


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