Words Are Often Misunderstood

I just watched a video of Jacob Parsch, who, with great clarity, explained that many people mistake the phrase “Born Again” as referring to the term Reincarnation.

That prompted me to write this blog, in an attempt to explain how such a mistake is not only possible, but is even common today.  But, when I  say “today,” am I suggesting that “today” is different than what occurred previously?

Life is like a swing, and events tend to rise and fall irrespective of the date in which one notices certain events.  What one notices has undoubtedly occurred previously, simply because there will always be some people who did not experience a particular event when last it occurred.  So, periodically certain things take place.

The term Reincarnation specifically refers to the fact that we Souls, once we commit to the cycle of birth and death, continue to be born again, and again… as our Souls slowly make their way up the Ladder of Life.  The Christian faith tends to deny this Reality, but it exists nonetheless.

And the term Reincarnation should never be confused with the phrase “born again”! The phrase “BORN AGAIN” specifically refers to the Spirit Within a person’s Soul being awakened by someone whose Soul is capable of facilitating such an awakening. And ONLY God enables a Soul to provide this awakening of the Spirit to Man.

Christ was capable of awakening such a Spirit.  John the Baptist was used by Christ to awaken this Spirit Within himself.  And around the world, since the beginning of Creation, there have always been Perfect Living Masters on Earth who have been able to Initiate this awakening of the Spirit Within Souls that were “ready” to be awakened.  But the Bible warns against the false prophets, or false teachers, who claim to serve God… but in truth only serve to enrich themselves, or to fan the flames of their own  Egos.

One way to JUDGE a servant of God is whether or not he or she takes any money or other compensation for the “Gift” he or she offers?   A true servant of God always lives off his or her own work, quite separate from bestowing the “Gift” of awakening.  And such servants of God always praise God, who is always given praise. Not out of fear of God, but  due to their great Love of God.

Finally, the servant of God is ALWAYS humble.  Another point is equally important, and that is, one’s Soul will be automatically drawn to such a God-realized Soul. And if a person who claims to serve God does not teach the secrets of Meditation, and the way back to God [via meditation], or for Christians, by Faith, then that person is likely a false teacher.

Peace,  Brother James


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