The Protesters Provide Us An Excellent Example of the Intelack Personality…

Virtually everyone with access to any form of media knows that Soros is providing the funding for the protesters [goons and people fearful of Responsibility] that are doing their devious best to initiate insurrection [or what Marxists refer to as chaos, which must be initiated prior to armed insurrection.

Is Soros above the law?  This is a question that begs an answer!   And this answer needs to be demonstrated as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the protesters provide us an excellent example of a portion of American youth that demonstrate two possibilities: 1. The nation has failed to educate these youth properly.  2. Or the nation has allowed the educational system [at all levels] to be taken over by Intelack type individuals.  And if you are not familiar with the term Intelack, then it is time to consider this term.

Intelack?   If you do not know what this term means, then let me provide a brief explanation.  The prefix “Inte” comes from the word Intellectualism [which is defined as lacking or avoiding emotion or emotionalism].  In this case the term emotion is akin to the term Consciousness [which refers to the amount of active Spirituality Within a person].  That is, the amount of Enlightenment a person’s Soul has acquired?  The “lack” part of Intelack refers to the fact that a person’s Soul has not in fact acquired much Consciousness, and therefore  lacks Enlightenment.

Some time ago, I became aware that there are two basic type of people on Earth. And what divides people takes place entirely “Within” people. That is, what causes people to be different from one another are invisible to us, and they take place at levels our physical senses cannot perceive.  And these invisible levels of Man are the  two dimensions of the MIND, and the Spiritual dimension.

How it is I am aware of these “invisible” levels?  It’s a long story, but perhaps two facts might help explain?  I have been a Psychotherapist for over 30 years, specializing in the operations of the MIND of Man. Coupled with this experience,  I have engaged in daily meditation of about two hours everyday for the last 42 years.  These factors might account for my being more aware of the Esoteric [invisible] operations taking place Within Man…

The term Intelack refers to those people we refer to as:  Liberal/Democrat/Socialist/Communist/Unionist/Totalitarian Despot/Sociopath/Psychopath/Islamist/Terrorist/ and those people engaged in the “protest” organized by Soros [who is himself an Intelack type personality].  Intelack also means a godless individual.

The Intelack type personality is lacking in the Virtues of Life [lacking in certain levels of Consciousness] and is thus lacking in Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding. This means that the  Intelack cannot help being the way he or she is…  which is the reason we need laws.  Good people are helped by knowing the laws, but to the Intelack, laws are simply things he or she must find a way to subvert and ignore.

Or put another way, the Intelack type personality is the perfect goat for the despot to use.  And those people demonstrating are Intelack type people, and trying to reason   with them will not work . But a robust application of the law will prevent them from their game of insurrection.  Law enforcement NEEDS TO REALIZE THAT THEY ARE DEALING WITH “ANIMALS” MORE THAN CONSCIOUS HUMAN BEINGS.

To allow the Intelack to engage in lawless activity only encourages the Intelack to create more ways of being evil.  Compromise with an Intelack will always mean disaster.  They need to be seen as four year old children acting out the evil desires of their MINDs.  Law enforcement must assume the role of parents, and restrict and confine these unruly Intelack children as soon as possible.

Peace, Brother James

A more extensive explanation of the Intelack type personality is provided on my site, and then click on the term Intelack.


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