SUICIDE… What Does it MEAN to you?

Suicide is the taking of one’s own life. Is that possible?  Not really, but one can end ones physical life, and it is the consequence of ending ones physical life that I  wish to address.

My concern is not for your physical life [since it must be painful and awful], otherwise you would not be contemplating killing yourself. My concern is for your Soul and MIND.

Have you given any thought to what happens after you kill your physical body?  This does need to be considered… I mean seriously!  Your physical body is the body your parents owed you.  And that debt is now paid for them. So,  if you kill this body, you have the problem of finding someone who owes you a birth for your next incarnation… which will have all the Karma of this lifetime, plus all the additional Karma you created by killing your body. Now this is true, whether you believe me, or not?  Do some research within any number of mystical texts.  My point is not to try and prove anything…  I am simply trying to convey information to you that is not generally  known in the West.

When a person takes his or her life by suicide… this  cuts the length of ones life short. Now, if this only  concerned you, then it would not be a problem.  Well, not such a serious problem.  We would, of course miss you…but that is not the problem I am talking about.

Each of us comes into life on this Earth Plane with a Fate Karma, which we designed for this lifetime.  And the length of one’s life  is a crucial part of that Fate Karma. That is, there are many people whose lives have been programed expressly to complete their Karma with you in this lifetime.   Should you commit suicide, you prevent hundreds or perhaps even thousands of people from completing a part of the Karma they came into this life to complete. ALL OF THIS KARMA MUST BE RE-PROGRAMMED IF YOU COMMIT SUICIDE!

Bur forcing all these people to have to reincarnate again to complete their Karma with you is just one aspect of the problems you  create by your suicide.  All of the Karma you pledged to deal with in this lifetime [prevented by your suicide] must become part of your next lifetime… plus, you must pay a fairly heavy cost for your suicide as well… which I will describe next.

At the death of a person who commits suicide, the Astral body of that person  [covering of his or her Soul] is held in a sub-Astral region [just beyond the physical plane], until the scheduled time of his or her death comes.  Then that person goes for judgement, which we all experience at the time of death. What the cost of committing suicide is, I do not know for certain, so I can’t speak to that.  But, I can speak to the need of that person to add all the Karma he or she did not deal with in the life cut short by suicide… to his or her next birth.  With all the re-scheduling of others being an additional cost to them. This would result in a very heavy load of Karma in one’s next lifetime.

The point is, quite probably the COST of suicide is much worse than if one suffered through what is taking place in this lifetime…

So, my advice to anyone comtemplating suicide is to resist the temptation of his or her MIND, which offers suicide as an alternative to oneself. The MIND enjoys chaos, pain and suffering… since it is your physical body that must endure these.  Seek competent help, and endure what you scheduled for yourself.

Peace, Brother James


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