Why is Spirituality so Elusive?

Not widely known in the West,  is a strange fact regarding the whole of Man.

The whole of Man consists of four entirely separate vibrational energy dimensions. And only one of these is physical. While this is true, modern mental health [and to a lesser degree, science] does its best to try and make us believe that three of the four of these vibrational energy bodies are not important nor relevant to understanding Man.

This means we are encouraged to believe that the Lower MIND, the Higher MIND, and the Spiritual dimension  simply do not matter.  Well, these Esoteric [invisible] dimensions do matter, and they matter a great deal in fact.

Unknown to many people [who naturally lean toward exclusive use of the Left-Hemisphere of the brain, and thinking about life] is the fact that what they “think” is fed to the Left-Hemisphere of their brains… by their MINDs.  I refer to this type of thinking as “Delusional Thinking,” or D-Think.  And modern mental health, since B.F. Skinner, and his belief that there was no MIND Within Man to bother with:

Evans, Richard I. B.F. Skinner: The Man and his Ideas. New York: E.P. Dutton & Co, 1968.

“A child is influenced and changed as a a biological entity by things that happen to him, but the notion that somehow or other the child of our past is still contained within us is a form of animism which serves no useful purpose in explaining present behavior.”

In this quote, Skinner unknowingly exposes his non-conscious fear of his own MIND by using the term “animism,” which he used to mock those who, unlike himself, possess Enlightenment.  And this brings us to the point of this blog:  The Elusive nature of Spirituality.

Each person has a Soul, and many know this… but what many do not know is that the Soul in each person has a unique level of Consciousness that each Soul has slowly acquired by completing Karma over many lifetimes.  This means that some Souls are more Enlightened than are other Souls.  And the Enlightened Souls possess what I refer to as C’etc [pronounced “C_etcetera”].

And C’etc stands for the Virtues of Life: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding.  Another term for Empathetic Understanding is Intuition, and Intuition is a part of ones Soul.  And it is one’s Intuition that allows one to “experience” bits of Truth that one has acquired by completing Karma.

Now, those Souls that possess substantial C’etc are Enlightened, and can Intuit bits of Truth, which means bits of Spiritual Truth.  So, we have two types of people on Earth. One type I refer to as the Intelack [which is a Soul that lacks C’etc], and the other type is the Enlightened Soul, which possesses Intuition and thus, an ability to “experience” bits of Truth.  And… only those Souls that possess C’etc possess Intuition, and without Intuition, a Soul cannot experience the bits of Spiritual Truth that are ONLY available to Enlightened individuals.

So, Spirituality is elusive to the Intelack type person, but the Enlightened type person can use his or her Intuition to experience higher levels of Reality, Truth, or Spirituality.

Peace, Brother James


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