The Nation has Trump… and it has a Reality Few can “SEE”

Let’s begin with the Reality. For anyone familiar with Revelation in the Bible, what is taking place in the world, and in America today is too obvious to miss. But for those who are not capable of using Intuition to fill in the many gaps or mystical [Spiritual] nuances that invisibly string together the many otherwise confusing and dangerously colliding events coming together… [which may seem like separate and individual events to many]… are not really separate, nor are they really confusing.

They are in fact many symptoms of what Man, absent God, will naturally create as the many MINDs of mankind do their best to try and dominate the fears raging [unseen] within themselves… by blaming what they are sub-consciously experiencing on one another.

You see, the only relationship Man has to the Reality of Life is via the Soul, which is an aspect of God.  And this relationship is maintained by spending at least one-tenth of every 24 hours attempting to focus ones attention  on the invisible Spiritual Energy of one’s own Soul.  When Christ spoke of the term “Spirit” in the Bible, he was speaking of the pure Spiritual Energy of ones Soul.

And, even the disciples of Christ had to wait until Christ went to his Father, and had this special “Spirit” sent to them from God.  Is it not a wee bit arrogant for some to believe that the “Spirit” can be awakened by intellectual means?  Or by sprinkling some water on ones head, or dunking one in a body of water?

Awakening of the  “Spirit” is not like a college initiation, or a case of memorizing one or more pages of scripture.  Nor is it based on how much one donates to a church.  The Spirit is often referred to as the “heart” in the Bible.  What “heart” stands for is the invisible and pure nature of Spiritual Energy. And the fact that no one can obtain this Energy while one’s attention remains in the brain and thinking.

In other words, one’s faculty of Consciousness [what I refer to as ones Conscious Awareness, or C-Awar], must travel to the lower reaches of the Spiritual dimension to touch Spiritual Reality, in the form of “Bits of Truth”.  And these Truths must be “mystically heard” by a Soul that is “ready” to “hear” them.  There is simply no possible way for anyone to hear these Truths via physical ears.

Not many realize that Truth, which is an Absolute, cannot manifest on this physical plane.  So, the only way to KNOW Truth is to experience it via one’s faculty of Intuition [which is an aspect of ones Spiritual Soul].  And the only part of oneself capable of doing this is one’s Intuition, which is an aspect of the Spirituality of one’s Soul.

This is quite a lot to ponder.  Let us pause now, and I will pick this up quite soon.

Peace, Brother James



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