What is the Great Tribulation? I mean… aside from a story in the Bible?

If you are at all familiar with the phrase “End Time” or, if familiar with Revelation in  the Bible, or you have watched YouTube at all… then you have likely heard about the mysterious planet X, or Nibiru [which the government has done its best to keep the public from discovering]? Or if you have researched ancient history, you may be familiar with the idea that some monster meteor hit the Earth, many thousands of years ago, and that resulted in the extinction of life on Earth?

Well, Planet X, or Nibiru [which is not as yet visible to the naked eye] has been exposed by a great many researchers, some associated with the government [but these people were compelled to warn the public]. So we now Know what is taking place.

  What is taking place is that a huge planet [or dwarf star] about 10 times the size of the Earth, is making its 3,600 year orbit around the Sun… and along with it are several moons, and a debris field that causes this massive [highly magnetic] planet to appear to have wings… and all of this forms its own mini  solar system.

It is speculated that due to the size of Planet X, and its massive magnetic nature, that it will [and has already begun to] impact the Core of the Earth, which is the source of the Earth’s magnetic field, a portion of which helps protect the Earth from  solar flares, and small meteors.  You may have heard about the fear that the poles of the Earth will shift due to the massive magnetic pull of Planet X as it passes by the Earth on its return leg into deep space.

When the poles shift [estimated to take many days], this will in turn cause the plates, or crust of the Earth to also shift.  This means earthquakes, volcanoes, and wide-spread geophysical destruction.  It also means a melting of the  Ice Caps of the poles, and world-wide flooding,  especially  along  all coastal regions, with an estimated rise in the water level of perhaps 100 meters.

It is also estimated that an EMP [electrical] event will occur that will shut down much of the world’s electricity, and this will last for several months. I think of the hundreds of nuclear power plants that will have no way to shut down… and remember  Chernobyl…

As all this is taking place, the magnetic field that protects the Earth from meteors will be absent, so that parts of the debris field that make up the tail of  Planet X  may be attracted to the magnetic pull of the Earth, and if so, they will be free to rain down on the Earth.

My point is this… where exactly is a safe place on Earth?  I fear there is no place that will not be impacted.  So, we clearly have two options.  One is to go into denial, which a vast majority of mankind will do. The second is to wake up to the Reality heading our way, and only those whose Souls who are open to God will realize [or remember] that the physical body is destined to die.  It is the Soul with a MIND attached that is not subject to death… and those Souls that have remained true to God, will be resurrected at the time of Armageddon [which the Bible suggest will take place around 7 to 8 years from now.

So, my humble advice is for those Souls who love God, to gather their families together for prayer, and to remind each member than this plane is an illusion, meant only for growth and maturation of the Soul.   This cleansing of the earth is nothing new, if we are to believe history?  So, the choice is [at the moment] open for everyone on Earth.  It is sad to fear death, because it indicates such fear misses the fact that the Soul is an aspect of God, and thus only God can destroy a Soul.

When there is nowhere to run, panic, hysteria, and acting like an animal –although to  be expected from Intelack [godless] individuals– accomplishes nothing.  So, please read the Bible, and try to get clear on the message that your Soul is of God, and God takes care of all His Souls… when they follow the “Law”.

Pray and resign yourself to the fact that it is time for the Earth to be cleaned of the evil that has flooded it.

Peace, Brother James


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