Let Us Remember Who We Are…


Each human being is composed of four simultaneously  existing dimensions, each with its own vibration or resonant reality.  From inside out, these are the physical dimension, the Astral dimension, the Causal dimension, and the Spiritual dimension [which is the only part of Man that is Real in an Absolute sense].

The square represents the whole of Man, and the only part of ourselves we are aware of is the dark circle, which represents  the physical part of oneself.

So, when you are fearful of death, the only part of yourself that will die… is the physical dimension, which includes your physical body, your brain, your personality and your  psychology… all of which served you for this lifetime ONLY.  This means that your Soul, with its MIND [the Soul uses to relate to the Creation] continues on in its Astral body, and at death, every Soul goes to the Astral region where all the various Hells and Heavens are.

The cycle of birth and death is automatic, and it is very rare that anyone ever remembers one’s previous lifetime. And after a Soul completes its self-evaluation of its just completed lifetime, it designs a new lifetime which includes all the Karma that Soul wants to work on in that lifetime.  The  exceptions to this normal process are those who commit suicide, and those who are Christian.  The suicide remains in a sub-Astral region [with other Souls that have committed suicide, or are murderers, or are strongly attached to the Earth plane for some reason].  When the time for the scheduled death of the person who committed suicide arrives, then that Soul is escorted to the place of judgement… to answer for the sin of suicide.

The   Christian [who died in the Faith] is processed with all normal Souls, but the MIND of the Christian retains its attachment to Christ [and if that Soul is not yet incarnated, then it will be placed with other Souls judged as true Christians at the time of Resurrection just prior to Armageddon.

The point is… do not commit suicide, because that cancels all else… until one’s MIND goes through a special Hell to insure that MIND never considers suicide again. So, the further point is that the  1,000 year reign of Christ is true, and all Christians who died “in the Faith,” and did not buy into some false prophet, or the Antichrist,  will be with Christ during that 1,000 year reign… but I believe that the reign will be in Heaven, since the Earth will be greatly altered due to the shifting of the poles, and the plates of the Earth.

Souls that participated in other religions will receive “payment” for doing so… what ever “payment” is deemed proper?  Until one’s Soul is initiated into a Path Leading back to God, one’s Soul must do the best it can to retain its desire to  return Home to God.  And a false religion is perhaps better than no religion at all, isn’t it?

Peace, Brother James


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