Why is it Important to realize what the MIND is?

In the early 1900s, in America, there was a man named B.F. Skinner. He was very intellectual, but he was also [and paradoxically] quite lacking in “C’etc”.  What is “C’etc”? Good question, and an excellent place to begin to answer the question posed by this  blog. C’etc is my symbol for the Virtues of Life, or what the ancient Greeks referred to as “Consciousness”. And Consciousness, not unlike the term MIND [and that of the Soul], is invisible to the brain and physical senses…

So, if Consciousness, and C’etc are invisible to the brain of Man, how does Man discover C’etc?  And we should include with this question another equally important question, which is… how does Man discover the Soul, the MIND, Consciousness, Spirituality, or Truth?  All of these [abstract terms] refer to invisible elements that  the brain is incapable of discovering? These are all unknown to those who limit themselves to use of the brain and thinking.  And…this is a very IMPORTANT point, by the way, which is typically ignored by a certain class of people.

I refer to this class of people as Intelack type individuals. And… I have, in just  two paragraphs, presented the reader with a great many “unknown” words, terms, or concepts.  This is unavoidable because what these labels stand for are invisible aspects of the Whole Human Being… which the bulk of mankind has been “taught”  to ignore, deny, avoid, or simply pretend these vital three-quarters of Man do not exist, or if they do, then they must not be important.  Thus ‘thinks’ the Intelack type person.

What is wrong with the “three-quarters” of Man that the Intelack type personality ignores?  Nothing is wrong with these invisible dimensions of Man, since without them our physical bodies would cease to exist… but the Intelack type person is unable to perceive these important elements of Man, and thus the Intelack simply fears what he or she is unable to “see,” “experience,” or discover.

I  coined the   symbol ‘C’etc’ to stand for, or point to [how much Consciousness a Soul has acquired]?  In other words, we Souls are naturally differentiated by how much C’etc our Souls have acquired… or are lacking?  Think of the symbol C’etc as being a way of saying ‘Consciousness’.  And Consciounses eludes philosophers because they seek it using their brains, which are physical.  Consciousness is a term that includes within itself Knowledge, and Knowledge is ONLY contained within the Soul of Man.

So, we have yet another important distinction between the terms information and that of Knowledge.  Information is anything the brain can know via experience.  On the other hand, Knowledge refers to Truth, or that which is Absolute and incapable of change. And too, Knowledege cannot manifest on this physical plane of existence.

In other words, if one wants to possess Knowledge, one must leave this physical plane and travel to one’s Spiiritual dimension, where [if one is ready to awakenn to it] one’s Conscious Awareness can Intuit a bit of Knowledge.  And this introduces yet another important [but invisible] attribute of the Enlightened individual, that of Intuition.

The Whole of Man is composed of four simultaneously   existing, and yet, entirely separate vibrational dimensions, only one of which is physical.four

The only part of ourselves we can see [with our physical eyes] is our physical body.  And, since the brain is physical, it simply cannot perceive the  two energies of the MIND, or that of the Spiiritual dimension.  And… since the Intelack type person lacks Consciousness [Spiritual development], he or she is not Enlightened [Spiritually evolved] enough to have access to the faculty of Intuition, which is required if one is going to “see” or “hear” the bits of Truth that one’s Soul has slowly acquired over many lifetimes.

And with the introduction of the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation, I tend to lose most readers.

If you care to read more about the Esoteric dimensions of MAN, I invite the reader to spend some time going through my  web site” http://BroJames.com

Peace, Brother James


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