What Does… “Disciple” Mean?

Many people think that there were only twelve disciples of Christ.  What do you think? Or, what do you believe?

I believed there were only twelve disciples for a very long time.  But, due to numerous events in my life, and a certain level of awakening to various bits of Truth from Within myself… I now believe otherwise.

What is a “Disciple” as opposed to someone who simply believes he or she is a Christian?  Or, put another way… are you someone who reads the Bible with understanding, and lives your life attempting to live up to what Christ taught in the scriptures, as  found in the Bible?

Or put a third way… is it possible to be a Disciple of Christ, and not be a member of a recognized congregation, or a particular church… with a recognized label?

The Disciples of Christ  taught what  Christ had taught them[except for Judas], and Peter, following the arrest of Christ.  Judas betrayed Christ, and Peter denied Christ.  But, the Bible suggests that neither acted outside the Knowledge of Christ.  So, in a larger sense, did not both serve Christ… even though neither was aware that their actions were needed for purposes serving a Higher authority?

And most people in those days were fully aware that at that time, it was often dangerous to publicly announce that one was a follower of Christ.  In that sense, not much has changed in the world, which is rapidly  becoming dangerous to be a Christian… as opposed to a silent Christian [not unlike that of Peter].

The level of one’s faith is perhaps measured in one’s “Heart,” and not by what one says… however, how about giving aligence  to a doctrine, teaching, or belief that is alien to the teachings of Christ?  And, if you are not a student of Christ’s teachings… how do you KNOW, exactly… what is or is not in alignment  with the words of the Bible?  And making your decision even more difficult is your MIND, which can feed  Delusional Thinking to the Left-Hemisphere of your brain which cause you to ‘think’ that what you think is true?

I cannot help but remember what the Bible says:  Many are called, but few are chosen.  Pray for guidance.

Peace, Brother James


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