False Teachers in Sant Mat

The reason it is so easy to present oneself as a teacher, or someone who “knows” what Sant Mat [Path of the Saints] is… is that Spirituality has absolutely nothing to do with the brain, thinking, or Intellectualism.  In fact,  it doesn’t even deal with the physical plane at all, except it does offer some practical guidelines to help one follow the Path that Sant Mat [Path of the Saints] teaches.

That is, the  Saints teach us that it is our attachments [our Karma] that prevents us from rising above the MIND, which one must do in order to pursue a Spiritual path.  S0, to make ones “lift” easier, one is encouraged to not eat meat, not drink alcohol, not engage in sex [outside of marriage], and to dedicate two and one-half hours each morning to meditation.  But  this is required until one is “Initiated” into Sant Mat, and people are given an opportunity to “try this out” prior to Initiation.

And, although the number of those Initiated into Sant Mat [at least by a Perfect Living Master]  are few, some do go astray, and that is taken care of by allowing those people  to reincarnate just like everyone else does… and to try again [with a more stringent life]. It is rare that a person, once Initiated, will go off the path… because Souls are not accepted until they are “ready” to be Initiated.  That is, they have made sufficient progress over many lifetimes, and they have  “earned” the right to be Initiated.

Of course few people realize that when one takes an oath to follow the Path, they are making that oath to God.   And God, unlike Man, is Absolute in His commitments.  So, I would not advise anyone to ask for Initiation until and unless that person is TRULY  READY TO LEAVE THE CYCLE OF BIRTH AND DEATH PERMANENTLY.

As for false prophets in Sant Mat, such people  can only fool Souls that are not very advanced Spiritually.  And why should God be concerned about such people? They are doing some good, even if they are lying and cheating others regarding a proper Path?  In the Hells such people will experience at death, they will “learn” the folly of their actions, and will not repeat the same mistake again.

It is pointless to try to teach Spirituality unless one is in possession of a level of Spirituality that enables one to do so.  But that should be obvious, although it isn’t.  The reason  this  is not obvious is Ego [MIND dominance]. Ego must learn this error, and this lesson is “built into the process”.  Spirituality is invisible, and impossible to obtain unless one’s Soul is free of MIND substance [a very rare occurrence]. So, no one, and I mean NO ONE… fools mother nature, or God.

So, unless you are Initiated by a Perfect Living Master…   you are not Initiated.  And, you are not likely to make that mistake  twice.  Following one false prophet  is more than enough.  No one makes that mistake more than once.

Peace, Brother James


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