To recognize what I am about to describe demands that an adult possess a substantial level of ’empathy’… which coincides with a healthy level of Consciousness… which is in short supply in the ‘End Time’… as described in the Bible.

Or put another way, for reasons well beyond the scope of this blog, a great many Souls have incarnated at this time in the history of this “Iron Age of Man” [as described in Revelation in the Bible], precisely to experience the many offerings of evil available to mankind during this “Iron Age of Man,” or the “End Time” of Man.

It matters not whether the reader ‘believes’ in the Law of Karma, or in the fact of Reincarnation or not… although an understanding of these facets of Reality are helpful in comprehending what I’m about to share with the reader.  What is needed to comprehend what I am about to explain is an evolved level of the Virtue I refer to as ‘Empathetic Understanding”.  And this Virtue coincides with a certain level of Enlightenment of one’s Soul.

Let us assume that your Soul is in possession of an adequate level of Empathetic Understanding [Consciousness] that will allow you to empathize with what I’m about to explain.

The typical child has a ready and fully open access to the “Heart Chakra,” or the subtle and invisible center of emotionality within the human body.

_____ Chakra:  Wheel; the six energy centers in the human body, each of which looks lie a small wheel, with parts that suggest the petals of a lotus… “The Path of the Masters” by Julian Johnson, Research Here.

In other words, the child is naturally open to [and thus unable to protect against being used to satisfy the lust of a sexually conflicted adult’s need to damage and destroy the Spiritually honest LOVE of a child]. This destruction  of a child’s Heart Chakra, converts the natural Love  of a child into sexual perversion, thus causing that child’s Soul to be taken over by the MIND of that child.  This damage is most generally  permanent for the lifetime of a person [and may follow that person into many successive lifetimes].

This action is, of course, intensely destructive of the emotional stability of the child, and if not treated with the proper Psychotherapy by someone who is highly evolved, that is, quite Enlightened… this destruction, as I said, often follows this person into many lifetimes:  Predisposing this person to the evil desires of the MIND that is attached to this person’s Soul.

If mankind was more evolved, it would make pedophilia a most serious offense, punishable by death.  If the idea of an adult destroying the natural Love of God within a child is not a capital crime to you, then you may be hampered in your Empathetic Understanding by having been abused in some past lifetime… and your MIND prevents you from remembering the intensity of that damage?

The psychological scars of being used by a sexually deranged adult are long lasting, and very difficult to overcome… sometimes lasting, as I say, over many lifetimes. No doubt the greatest offense of this crime is the lasting impact of such abuse on the psyche of a child. The only reasonable punishment for the  pedophile would be a quick death so as to prevent other children from being separated from God, and to provide the Soul/MIND of the pedophile the proper Hell where he or she can receive the proper corrective re-education of his or her MIND.

This is a ghastly evil offense by a person, and it demands a quick trial, and the death sentence is the only sentence that can put an end to the insanity of such a person.

Peace, Brother James


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