How much of the pain and suffering of the Great Tribulation should the people of America be subjected to for eight years of imposing homosexuality, sexual perversion, abuse or children, and using children as ‘things’ that adults [people like the Clintons and many in the Congress of the United States, as well as highly placed government officials]… sexually abused, kidnaped, and sold into sexual slavery to satisfy their most hideous conditions of  Pedophilia… a form of  Beastiality?

Those Americans who voted for the sexually conflicted sociopath Obama. and his homosexual partner, whose psychosis is a mental conflict causing him to reject being the male of his birth, and instead desire to be a female… unwittingly gave these perverts the tacit support of imposing their psychologically reprehensible and vile MINDs upon two young girls, who these perverts were allowed to “adopt”.

When I think of Obama playing out his sick role of Commander in Chief, and imposing his homosexual perversion on the military… I shudder with contempt regarding those officers in the military who allowed Obama to use his position to force normal individuals to either face Courts Martial, or go against their own common sense and religious tenets… as he insisted in them being forced to associate with and be abused by hordes of homosexuals Obama forced onto the military.

When I think of the tens of thousands of children Obama, the Clintons, and others in DC kidnapped, defiled, abused and sexually destroyed… over the last eight years, I can’t help but be greatly disturbed… distraught, and even sick at heart.  I thank God for the level of Spirituality He has allowed me to acquire, which is the only thing that has prevented me from personally attempting to intervene in this disgusting abuse of children enabled by every person who voted for Obama.

If you voted for the utterly disgusting, reprehensible, and evil Obama…then you are guilty for the damage he has imposed on children over the last eight years.  You can, of course, rationalize that your vote for such a vile thing was not responsible for what he did… but you would be lying to yourself.

The only way Americans could even begin to address the disgustingly evil abuse of children that has taken place over the last 8 years is if you helped build the scaffold from which Obama could be hanged, for any of the many acts of treason he has committed.

I am ashamed, saddened, and literally heart-broken at the number of people in America whose great ignorance [or insanity] prevents them from “seeing” what the Obama’s are, and how they have pulled the Souls of millions of Americans into the Pit of Fire…which such people will face at the end of the Great Tribulation, which we are just beginning to experience.

It is good Trump beat Hillary, but for every voter for Hillary, severe pain and suffering for America as a whole is what has been EARNED by such Americans… and do not for a moment imagine you will not suffer intensely for the evil you voted for.

My hope is that all Souls that have contributed to the pain Obama [and those who helped him] have imposed on the US will suffer sufficiently…so that eventually they will be able to re-join the human race, and not be lost forever.

Only Grace can help America now…


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