America has a choice to make!

I believe the extreme chaos America is experiencing is the result of a conflict between what the Bible says… and the ignorance of most Americans regarding the Quran, or the constitution of Islam.  You see, unlike America, where a strict division is maintained between religion and government, Islam is a lifestyle given over to absolute control by government, which is subservient to a totalitarian leader who rules based on a very strict set of laws which are contained in the Quran.

The first mistake many Americans make is mistaking Islam for a religion.  Islam is not a religion [like that of Christianity], it is a lifestyle more like Fascism, Socialism or Communism. If you are a true Muslim, then the Quran teaches you that your primary job is to allow non-Muslims to convert to Islam, or die.  You see, unlike Christianity, which teaches forgiveness, tolerance and even suggests that one must love thine enemy… Islam teaches that everyone must be a Muslim or be killed. This is the option all human beings have, according to Islam:  Convert, or die.

Now, the lifestyle of Islam is perfect for those people whose Souls are in the early stages of development.  That is, not very Enlightened.  Or, those people with Souls that, due to immaturity, depend upon the MIND a great deal.  In America, those Souls that are relatively new to the human form are most generally Democrat, Socialist, Marxist, Independent, or too sophisticated to ‘need’ religion [this means driven by ego due to a lack of Spirituality, which means absent a certain level of Consciousness].

I refer to such people as Intelack type individuals. And the term Intelack simply means godless, or lacking in Consciousness. Many people in the Democrat party are Intelack type people.  That is, they are very intellectual, but they have very little Consciousness.  And, lacking in Consciousness means lacking in Conscience, or the ability to properly judge right from wrong.  This makes the Democrat, Socialist, Communist or Marxist “think” that he or she is “for the people”.  But subtly, that person’s MIND causes that person to think that what is best for a person is to have the government be in CONTROL of everything… and at a non-conscious level, this means not be faced with having to make decisions.

The Intelack type person, being godless, and having little Conscience, tends to fear  Truth [Spiritual Truth], and to fear Personal Responsibility [that is… having to reach  within him/herself to emotionally resist evil].  What this looks like is acting out such fear in protesting, rioting, and civil disobedience.  In other words, the fear in such people is vented in fighting against anything that resembles the power of Truth, Honesty, or Goodness.

Thus, godless people are quick to resent Trump when he orders the government to vet those people entering America from nations that export terrorism.  The Intelack, in other words, will always side with evil, negativity, and against good people exercising their power against evil.  This perverse behavior serves Satan, and is driven by the fear such people have repressed within their MINDs.  We can tell who lacks Consciousness by who rushes to help Islam and Satan [even though they ‘think” they are doing otherwise].

The Democrats who are preventing Trump from having access to those he has picked to help him reverse eight years of evil by Obama… do not realize they are serving Satan, but they are.

Each American has a choice [sort of] between good and evil.  I say [sort of] because for the Intelack type person, or the person who is not Enlightened enough to realize he or she is being used by Islamic terrorists [or by people who fail to realize they are unwittingly serving Islam and Satan].

So, if you are Enlightened enough to “see” the evil of Islam, and its terrorist ways, then speak out.  It is the least you can do to try and save your own Soul.

Peace, Brother James


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