Flynn & Dem Hysteria…

The Democrat/Liberal/Intelack fixation on General Flynn, has been described as “the Democrats smell blood in the water” by several news people. They are right in what they observe , and in using this common phrase. The question is…why do Intelack type people do this?

The Intelack type personality is someone who lacks a sufficient level of Consciousness, or the Virtues of Life [Conscience, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding]. And these qualities are quite separate from the brain, thinking, intellectualism, education or a person’s IQ.    It is not at all uncommon for the Intelack type person to be deviously clever [Intellectually skillful], by using the mistakes of another to destroy that person. The question is… why would someone need to do this?

The answer is that the Intelack type personality, because he or she lacks Conscience, or put another way… [ lacks Spirituality  or Consciousness/Enlightenment],  the Intelack is,  unknown to the Intelack of course, psychologically caused to view those people who are more Enlightened than themselves  with distrust, fear, and to have misgivings toward more Enlightened people. The Enlightened individual causes the Intelack to [again, unknown to the Intelack’s conscious awareness], and the MIND of the Intelack feeds Delusional Thinking to the Left-Hemisphere of the Intelack that will use any excuse to attack the Enlightened individual as a means of destroying the “cause” for their anxiety.

This is what every person who is Enlightened, honest, and trustworthy that Trump appoints to office  will undergo.  And the reason is the psychological conflict of many Democrats… the same thing that causes them to want to CONTROL everyone and everything in their environment.  And it is this lack of Consciousness that causes so many Democrats to embrace Marxism:  A political way of life based on CONTROL of everything by government.

Peace, Brother James



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