On the off chance you have not heard… mankind is in the “End Times”.  A period of seven years, divided into two parts.  This entire thing is explained [sort-of] in Revelation, in the Bible.  And what does Revelation have to do with the Sanctuary City Mania?  I will attempt to explain the connection. Revelation is an account of the time the world is experiencing, from a Christian perspective… which applies to both the Christian, and everyone else as well… whether one wants to believe it, or not?

The Muslim has an account of this time in history as well.  And the events taking place around the world are part of a grand melodrama, in which every Soul on Earth plays a part. And this is true, whether one realizes it, or nor?

In essence, and irrespective of whether one has a religion or not, every Soul is being judged by a process that has to do with the Reality of Life… as opposed to one’s individual belief system based on the maturation of one’s Soul?  In other words… every Soul is being given an opportunity to demonstrate where that Soul stands relative to GOOD VS EVIL?

Whether one believes in Satan, or evil, from an intellectual perspective is irrelevant today.  What is taking place in the world is a Reality that was scheduled to occur by God, and this Reality is known by mystics as the natural ending of four repeating Ages of Man. These Ages begin with the Golden Age, then comes the Silver Age, then the Bronze Age, and then comes the Iron Age — which  is the darkest and most evil age Mankind has to experience. We are now in the “End Time” of the Iron Age, or the Age where Satan emerges as an evil that permeates the Earth plane.  In the Iron Age, the war between Good and Evil touches every Soul.

In the Bible, there are two individuals mentioned who serve Satan.  One is called the False Prophet, and this  title refers to the present Pope.  The Pope is explained in Revelation, Chapter 17, verses 1-9.  Revelation is both an allegory, and a description of that which will occur.   Also mentioned is the Anti-Christ, who has not as yet been revealed.

Back to the Sanctuary City mania… The MIND of Man is a most important element in the process of maturation of every Soul. And in the East, the MIND is studied and appreciated for its mystical connection to the Soul.   In the West, since the MIND is Esoteric [invisible to the physical brain], the MIND is mostly ignored, or denied.  This is especially true with modern mental health, which follows the Delusional Thinking of B.F. Skinner, who is largely responsible for the notion that there is nothing  Within Man that can account for the behavior of Man. It is this Delusional Thinking of Skinner’s that has given rise to the growth of sexual deviancy in America, which can ONLY be dealt with by addressing conflicts in a person’s MIND. This same Delusional thinking by Skinner [who knew nothing about Psychology], is also responsible for the Delusional notions that Man is a victim, and the Liberal [Intelack] notion that certain people are incapable of assuming personal responsibility.  And this last part takes us to what lies behind the idea of those who promote Sanctuary Cities.

That is, there are two basic types of people on Earth.  Those who are Enlightened to some degree, and those whose Souls lack a developed level of Consciousness.  And in the West, we tend to mistake Intellectualism for Consciousness.  A serious mistake made by many people. So, the Sanctuary City Mayor is a person who is an Intelack type individual. That is, someone whose Soul lacks sufficient Consciousness [and is actually godless —   even though he or she “thinks” of him/herself as compassionate].  The evil of such thinking lies in the fact that the ONLY reason the Intelack wants illegal aliens/refugees  into the city is to try and remain in office.  Pure Greed, in other words.  But, the lack of Conscience in the Intelack mayor prevents him or her from realizing the true reason for such an evil act.  And those people who support the evil action of the mayor are also Intelack type people [that is, unable to discern the great threat inherent in welcoming into ones city those trained by ISIS… who have vowed to kill Americans].

One only needs to look at what is happening in France, Germany and Sweden to KNOW how suicidal is the idea of Sanctuary City!

Peace, Brother James


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