Since this is blog #1, of the MYSTIC PATH, allow me to share what this blog will be about?

Let me begin by defining the term Mysticism.  Mysticism, in the beginning stages,  is the practice of seeking to discover what God is, what the Soul is, what the Energy of Spirituality is, and what the Purpose of Life is?

All of these endeavors are Esoteric endeavors, or practices involving the invisible dimensions and operations of the Whole Human Being… but specifically, the MIND and Spiritual dimensions of Man. And… since the MIND and Spiritual dimensions of Man are invisible… how does one engage in such endeavors?

And, the answer is… via one’s faculty of Intuition.  And Intuition is a little -known faculty of Man that is an aspect of what I refer to as the “Apapsyche” of the Soul. The term Apapsyche, is listed above as a link… and such links will serve as a primary means by which I  will provide definitions and explanations of new, different and little known terms, names, and symbols that I use in both my writing and my work.

So, it is expected that the reader will take the time to research such “links,” since they constitute a considerable   amount of  work, compiled over a very long time.  Should a reader want more dialogue, he/she can write me via my email: and make sure you place the word RESEARCH in the subject block.

My Spiritual Master said, over many years… that the role of the Mystic [one who practices Mysticism] is to bring to certain people on Earth a message from God, and that a Mystic can come into the Earth in any age, or at any time.  And finally, that every Mystic brings the same message to mankind, and that message is:   A Soul must separate itself from the MIND that was attached to it when it first entered the Creation, many eons ago.  And this seemingly simple sentence [Mystically] speaks to many of the secrets of LIFE… Which this blog will be addressing as best I am able to do… since I am a long-time student of Mysticism, and not a Mystic.

Peace, Brother James


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