In listening to Judge Gorsuch, what he may not realize absolutely… [that is, intellectually] is that Truth “is” an Absolute, and it is also “Neutral”.  That is, capital “T” Truth only resides in what might be called the Spiritual Realm, or dimension.

By contrast, the MIND of Man operates as Yin and Yang, or in terms of good vs evil. And for the Liberal, or Democrat oriented individual, he or she only knows how the  MIND views worldly phenomena.  And quite unknown to the Liberal/Democrat/Marxist…is the fact that such people are incapable of “experiencing” Truth [the experience of which requires a person to possess a certain level of Enlightenment].

So, what the Democrat Senators are saying [the questions they are asking] are based on what they “know,” which is [at best] relative truth only.  So, the reason for their continuing to ask Judge Gorsuch what his opinion is… is the fact that their MINDs  are fearful of him because he refuses to validate their [Psychological NEED] to CONTROL everything about themselves, including what others “think”.

It is the MIND of the Democrat [Intelack] Senator that feeds the questions to the Senator’s brain, which demands that Gorsuch “be like them” — afraid of the Truth [which means unknowingly fearful of trusting honest people]. This is evidence of  a lack of Consciousness. The Democrat [Intelack] individual can be very intellectual, but Intellectualism will never produce nor access Truth [which is only available to people who are Enlightened.

So, my point is…Judge Gorsuch is a most  excellent selection because he is  very Enlightened, and thus… has access to Truth.  Let us all hope he is approved, since the nation desperately needs all the help it can get.

Peace, Brother James


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