In the Western  world, people tend to pride themselves on their level of intelligence, wealth, and possessions.  And… if the Reality of Life resembled a merry-go-round, that is, a Soul really only had one life to live, and that once a Soul has achieved the level of human being…  well, I see that I have written us into a conflict in reasoning.

By suggesting that a Soul must “reach” the level of human being… I have suggested that a Soul has a purpose?  Unless, of course, one believes that people, animals and plants do not possess Souls?  Or one believes that there is no such thing as a Soul, and that “Life” is merely an  accident… and … yes?  If you believe this, then you must first explain what life is… I mean other than pointing out the obvious.

And part of what is required to believe that life is just an accident of happenstance… is to explain where life comes from?  And how it is, that life begins in the womb? If life is simply an accident, why does the invisible element of air being utilized determine if life is sustained,or ceases?

The fact of Life is this… and putting it bluntly, the only person who denies the Soul, and the origin of the Soul, is an Atheist, or someone whose level of Consciousness is quite limited. I have drawn a sketch, of sorts, that explains the whole of Man.


In this sketch, there are four dimensions. From outside-in, these are the physical dimension, the Astral realm, the Causal realm, and the Spiritual dimension. The Sketch suggests that the whole of Man consists of four separate dimensions, and the only one that is physical and tangible is the physical dimension. This means that three dimensions are Esoteric [invisible] to Man.  Now this suggestion is quite correct, however, it is virtually unknown in the West, and in America.  Perhaps the essential reason for this “unknown status”  is that the people who developed Western culture, and America, were either thinkers [who resisted the unknown elements of the East] or had the religion of Christianity, and thereby rejected the wisdom of the East.

So, for over 200 years, America has pursued cultivation of the brain and intellect, while avoiding Intuition, the Esoteric dimensions of Man, and the robust Spiritual Knowledge of the East.  Also missing in the West is an honest recognition of the fact that science is like modern philosophy in that they both deny, ignore, and avoid three-quarters of the whole of Man. In other words, the two aspects of the MIND, and the Spiritual dimension of Man are simply ignored… and thought of as unknowable.

In the last decade I have realized that there are  two distinct types of people on Earth. One type is what I refer to as Intelack, and the other I refer to as Enlightened. And what differentiates these two types of people is what I refer to as “C’etc,” [Pronounced “C_etcetera”].  And C’etc is my symbol for the Virtues of Life that every Soul is slowly accumulating by completing karma, lifetime after lifetime. My labels for these Virtues are Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding (Empathy).  And these Virtues are slowly acquired, or “learned by experiencing both the Yang (out-going action) and the Yin [return of such action against oneself). In other words, we Souls climbing up the Ladder of Life is a very slow and difficult process.  To achieve the status of Enlightenment is no easy matter!

The Law of Karma is one of  two principle  Facts of Life.  The other is Reincarnation. And of course, many Christians believe that they only have one life to live.  And they believe this based on one [misinterpreted] verse in the Bible:  Hebrews 9:27. Oddly enough, if it were not for how intellectuals misinterpret  this verse… it would have been removed in the 5th Century [when, as some scholars believe, much of the  reference to the Law of Karma and Reincarnation in the Bible was expunged from the scriptures].

The reason, or primary reason for this removal was that Justinian wanted to be seen as a Saint, and his background was such that the pure Karmic weight of it, would have prevented him from being seen as a Saint.  This is not, of course, part of the story Christians are taught.  Another reason for the removal is that the Law of Karma makes very clear that no one other than God, or a Perfect Living Master [as was Christ] can remove or alter a person’s sins.  The Popes, in order to assume this ability had to remove all reference to the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation [which is God’s way of allowing Souls to naturally work through their own Karma].

So, if you believe that a Soul of God only has one life to live… at least you now have a different  view to consider.  God, the Mystics tell us, wants all Souls to be successful, and thus provides us ample opportunity to fully explore and experience the whole of what life in the illusion has to offer. The Law of Karma represents the genius of God, and with this Law,  we Souls hold our own destiny in our own hands.

Peace, Brother James


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