A NEW IDEA with Vet’s in mind…

What if your city could purchase a small building, 2,000 SF, and dedicate this building to the use of Veterans… with the idea that homeless Vets in that city, and Vets on the road… had a place where they knew they could get a meal, a shower, and use of a washing machine and dryer?  In addition, they would have access to a jobs database, specializing in employment for Veterans?

In addition they could crash for a few days, for R&R, and some home cooked meals.


The project could be run with volunteer Veterans, lending a hand to fellow Vets.  Both men and women could form a local chapter of VETERAN’S INN, and they could elect a spokesperson, or chapter president, who would be the liaison with the city.

Local stores could donate food, clothing, and other needed items… perhaps at a quarterly banquet in some school or park…

Just a thought… regarding something that is needed rather badly.

Peace, Brother James


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