What is the “EGO,” and How does it Work?

In the most simplistic terms, the term ‘Ego’ refers to the disposition of one’s MIND.  But… for most people, the term “MIND” does not mean a great deal?

In the early 1900s, B.F. Skinner, a behavioral scientist, suggested that there was no such thing as a MIND. Unfortunately, the Intelack type people in the West quickly agreed with him, since that meant they could now study “psychology” without studying Psychology. And let us take a moment to consider the term Psychology.

That is, the ancient Greeks gave the world the term Psychology, using the prefix “Psyche,” because for them, Psyche referred to Self, Soul, and MIND. And Self, Soul and MIND are all terms for the Esoteric [or invisible] dimensions of Man. For the ancient Greeks,  the term Psychology meant a study of the invisible dimensions of Man. For knowledgeable people [non-Intelack people] the term Psychology still refers to what causes a person to behave in certain ways?

So, since the early 1900s, the West [which means Intelack type people, and those who do not know any better], have been altering the term Psychology to mean the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”.  Behavior is physical, and it reflects the physical, observable operations of one’s invisible MIND, so that one’s behaviors are  symptoms of the operations of one’s Psychology.  Not unlike the fruit of a tree is the tangible result of the otherwise invisible operations of the tree, the fruit is not the most important  part of the tree’s operations.

So, the term  “Ego” refers primarily to the operations of one’s MIND, and specifically one’s Fate Karma.  Again, because the West today is so ignorant of the MIND, and thus its invisible operations… people easily [and even readily] embrace the delusional idea of Skinner’s that all Man needs to do is look at a person’s behavior to understand who a person is… and the result of this is… virtually no one any longer realizes that what a person does tells us NOTHING ABOUT WHAT IS GOING ON WITHIN THAT PERSON, or anything about that person’s Ego?

The Ego is the MIND causing Man to engage in thoughts, beliefs, and actions which are prompted by a person’s Fate Karma for this lifetime. And to look at a person’s behavior as “evidence” of what motivates a person is a very dumb thing to do.

Peace, Brother James


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