What if  America decided that the whole of Man is just as important as the brain of Man?  That is, what if the nation woke up to the fact that the Malady of Intellectualism was actually  harmful to children!  In other words, what if America woke up to the fact that limiting Man to just the brain and thinking actually prevents us from discovering  the  three-quarters of the human being that are Esoteric, or invisible to the brain and physical senses.

What are the three-quarters of ourselves that modern education ignores, denies, and seeks to pretend doesn’t matter? Allow me to list a few of these aspects of the whole of Man that are currently ignored by education: The Soul, the MIND, the Apapsyche [or operational Energy of the Soul], Intuition, Conscience, Knowledge, Truth, and of course Spirituality.  All of these are Absolutes, and they exist in a vibrational level of Energy that the brain will never be able to perceive.

So, Enlightenment, higher Consciousness, and the natural Spiritual Evolution of the Soul take place entirely separate from the physical brain and “thinking”.  In fact, three-quarters of who, and what Man is,  and why Man exists… take place at levels the physical brain will never perceive nor experience.  And, the more the education of children is given over to [what passes for science today] the more estranged children become… relative to the whole of themselves.

Man, that is, the whole of Man, is a most marvelous collection of phenomena the majority of which operates beyond the reach of the intellect of Man.  Therefore, as long as education [or the Intelack type people in education today] refuse to acknowledge the Esoteric dimensions of Man, children will continue to grow up lacking any Knowledge of who they are, or why they exist?  This naturally results in ignorance, prejudice, fear, greed, envy and intolerance.  Now, how are creating these characteristics within our children  the best we can do for our children?

The one factor that would greatly improve current education would be a special course for teachers entitled “Introduction to Intuition in Man”.


Peace, Brother James


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