In watching the Judiciary Committee this morning, it was so blatantly obvious how vile, corrupt and insanely evil the Democrat members of that committee are.  And the most strange thing is that each of the Marxist Democrat Senators is entirely unaware of just how godless, corrupt, and mentally disturbed he or she is?

What most observers will most likely do is just listen to the individual words spoken by these Intelack [godless] Democrat creatures.  Alas, most listeners are not aware that a mentally conflicted individual can “ACT” like a real human being… while at the same time,  the actual meaning behind that person’s words is pure evil… literally words spoken for Satan.  That is, individuals who lack Conscience, or Consciousness, are often used by Satan to push an evil agenda… just like  what drove Marx and Engels to create Communism.

Some of the Democrat Senators are so absent Spiritual Consciousness that every word they speak drips with evil… although they have become masters of deception, almost like “GIFTED” in how deviously clever they are in misleading others.   I have a penchant for “hearing” evil, and when I hear these Democrat [Intelack] Senators speak, it is like my heart is being pulled from my chest:  It is actually painful to “hear” them speak for Satan.

 I will watch a re-broadcast so I can skip the Democrat Intelack servants of Satan.  Only in the End Times would such foul, evil people be able to fool those who vote for them.  I refuse to believe that their constituents actually KNOW how evil these godless people are.

Peace, Brother James


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