Strange title?  Well, if the title doesn’t seem strange, then you may not have realized what I meant to imply?  That is, religion  is the step ladder by which many Souls are seeking to find Spirituality.  The problem with this search is…  religion is tangible, physical, intellectual, and generally ineffective in actually helping one discover the mystical [and invisible] location of the Spirituality hidden Within oneself.

In other words… religion is an intellectual pursuit of the unknown, whereas, Spirituality is an awakening to the unknown from within oneself via one’s faculty of Intuition. So… the “DIFFERENCE” between religion and Spirituality is that religion is something one can think about, and Spirituality is something one awakens to… but can neither think about it, nor speak about it, nor convey it to someone else.  Now, isn’t that strange?

Of course it is, and that’s the reason I mention it.

What is even more peculiar is the fact that the only person capable of awakening the Spirit of Spirituality Within one’s Soul is a Soul that travels to Earth specifically to do this task.  And in the East, such a Soul is referred to as a Perfect Living Master, or a Saint, or a mystic.  Christ, John the Baptist, and Moses were all such Souls, and each came to “Initiate” a certain number of Souls into a Spiritual Path that leads back to God.

Of course what people following the religion of Christianity are told is something a bit different.  And that is perfectly OK in that if one follows the path of Spirituality, that person will reincarnate as a human being… to continue his or her Spiritual Evolution up the Ladder of Life.

Mystics tell us there has been at least one such Master on Earth at all times, and that this has been the case since the beginning of Creation… or at least since there were human beings on Earth.  All such Masters, or Mystics come from God, and they incarnate into the Earth plane precisely to collect certain Souls that are “ready” to have the Spirit Within their Souls awakened… enough to begin changing their lives around so that they cease engaging in negative Karma, and begin creating good Karma [which just means doing good as opposed to evil].

If these Souls continue on this path of doing good Karma, they reincarnate as human beings, and continue to accumulate the Virtues of Life, which can also be called becoming Enlightened.  However, for Souls that receive this awakening of the Spirit Within their Souls… who are not quite ready to let go of their MIND-level attachments to the physical plane [evil deeds],  they will reincarnate as human beings again, but they will have to struggle by experiencing substantial negative Karma,  as they must work through such negative Karma.  Failing this, then these Souls are subject to the fate of  “Transmigration”.

And Transmigration simply means what Eastern Mystics refer to as the wheel of “Eighty-Four”.  That is, when a person dies, and he or she has not achieved enough good Karma to earn having the Spirit awakened Within their Souls, they can incarnate as any of the 8,400,000 species of life on Earth. And this is possibly a shocker to some people?  It is not something most religions talk about.  But this possibility does exist.

Peace, Brother James


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