The REASON the Liberal Cannot be Reasoned With?

If you comprehend what I am about to reveal… it sets you apart from many people, and it reveals that you are likely more Conservative than you might have imagined yourself to be.

There are two basic types of people on Earth. One type I refer to as the Intelack type personality,  and the other I refer to as the Enlightened type personality. And to comprehend this difference you must embrace an important concept that is true, but despite being true… this concept is hotly resisted by a certain type person.

Each human being has a Soul. And more importantly, every living creature has a Soul… and whether you believe this or not… depends largely upon your education and… your indoctrination?  If you were raised to believe that your Soul only has one life to live… well then, you most likely believe this fallacy.

Just consider this, if you will?  A tree has a Soul.  This is true because the tree is a living thing, and everything that is alive has a Soul… because it is the Soul of a thing that gives it LIFE.  If you feel a need to argue with me, it is likely due to your indoctrination…  But before you argue with me, first tell me what the Soul is, where it is located, and what it’s purpose is?  And, although you “think” you know what the Soul is… have you ever seen a Soul?

In Eastern Mysticism, it is well known that there are 8,400,000 different specie of things a Soul can enliven or incarnate into on Earth.  This process is called the “Wheel of 84”.  And generally speaking, a Soul slowly makes its way up the chain of species, rising as it “successfully” acquires sufficient Knowledge [and creates sufficient ‘good Karma’] to warrant birth in a higher species.  And this process continues lifetime after lifetime, because this “process” was established by God in the very beginning of Creation.

I refer to this process of incarnating into one life form after another as the “Ladder of Life”.  And, it is not unusual that a Soul is given a higher life form [due to Grace], and that Soul is not quite ready to perform at the level of life-form it was given…  This is OK, and that Soul will simply be born in a lower life form in its next incarnation.  This falling back is called Transmigration.

So, there are some Souls inhabiting the life form of human being who are not quite ready to possess the highest life form on Earth.  I refer to such Souls as Intelack Souls.  Or, Souls that have not quite acquired the Virtues [level of Consciousness] necessary to function as a full human being.  This is the case with those people we refer to as Liberal, Democrat, Socialist, or Communist [which means Marxist].

So, the Liberal/Democrat/Marxist Soul simply has not acquired a sufficient level of Consciousness to enable it to be free of the influence of the negative influence of the MIND that is attached to each Soul.  I refer to such Consciousness by the symbol “C’etc”.  And the primary ingredients of C’etc  that cause the Intelack type personality are those of  Conscience and Discretion. Both of which have to do with the level of Spirituality a Soul has acquired.

So, next time you observe a politician promising one thing… and doing another, you are observing an Intelack type personality… and the lack of C’etc that causes that politician [or anyone else] to speak with forked tongue, so to speak, is that person is an Intelack.  And the Intelack is quite likely to incarnate in a lower species in that Soul’s next lifetime.

Peace, Brother James


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