A Blog Explaining Those Who want Drug pushers & users protected

The item missing in those people who use, abuse, push or need  drugs [other than to fight infection and disease], is the Virtue of Conscience.

Conscience is an aspect of Spirituality and a related part of Consciousness, and both Spirituality and  Consciousness are slowly acquired by we Souls over many lifetimes.

This means, of course, that those who use, abuse and misuse drugs possess Souls that lack Conscience, which means a diminished level of Consciousness.  The MINDs of such people tend to dominate their thoughts, actions, and desires… which tend to be negative, self-serving, selfish, and stem from a fear of the ‘unknown”.  In their case, this unknown is their lack of Enlightenment, or lack of Spiritual development.

So, it would be expected that those individuals who promote, cry out for, and even destroy property to ‘get their way’ are driven by an insatiable desire to ‘do drugs’. But the deeper force driving them psychologically is an intense anxiety, and a tendency to become hysterical … when anyone seems to be suggesting that  what they use to destroy the little Consciousness they possess [drugs] may be cut off from them.

The fear of these sub-humans [in terms of their low-level of Consciousness]  causes them to become very anxious when their use of Drugs is threatened in any way.

My solution would be for governmental agencies at all levels to join forces to establish DRUG CITIES in several locations in the US.  And to make drugs free and easily available at these locations.  However, once a  person enters a facility for such free drugs, he or she cannot leave… unless he or she COMPLETES a program to deal with the deeply repressed traumata that are causing his/her psychological addiction.

This would solve several problems at the same time.  It would eliminate drug dealers [the sentence for drug-dealing should be death]. And these Drug Cities would also clean up our cities almost overnight.  If you like this idea, then share it with others. Who knows, we may have resolved a growing problem.

Peace, Brother James


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