ISLAM & the Satan Connection

What is the difference between the old East Germany and Islam?  The difference is that the people of East Germany were enslaved by a despotic government, while the people enslaved by Islam are enslaved by a despotic form of government masquerading as a religion.

Did you notice the  difference?  Neither did I.

How lacking in common sense must a person be to believe that Islam, and its Quran, which demands people engage in murder, torture, mutilation, hate, and prejudice has any relationship to God?

The Bible states very clearly that public display of ritualistic prayer is egotistic, and thus, dedicated to Satan.  But those who impose Islamic ritualism on people lack Conscience, not intelligence.  So, the threat to kill a person who wants to quit Islam is the same tactic used by Stalin and Hitler, and without resistance by people who are not enslaved, Islam continues to enslave people at an alarming rate.

The only rationale I can offer regarding this inhumane situation is that lies, deceit, and intimidation by the Muslim Brotherhood seems to be an effective way to fool Americans [who are perhaps too busy focused on Greed and Envy to notice]?  Sad, but ignorance of Truth is the natural result of over 40 years of Marxist education in America.  The result is how many Americans willingly allow themselves to be taken over by an Islamic form of government that openly calls for the death of all Americans.  How does one explain this?  I guess it is explained by how far America has  distanced itself from God [and common sense] led by a godless mainstream press and system of education ?

Brother James


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