The Reason Homosexuality is Wrong for the MILITARY…

Although a person would not know that homosexuality is a serious psychological problem by looking at the government in Washington DC, today…, where Pedophilia and Homosexuality is now widespread.  Not too long ago, well, a couple decades perhaps… no one would even be considered for a position of trust and responsibility in government,  if that person was known to be a Homosexual.

And the reason then [which has been shoved aside by a very aggressive  Homosexual lobby headed by influential Homosexuals… whose most prevalent symptom is that of “DENIAL”.   That is, because this illness is mental [which means it is a conflict of the MIND, and thus dominates a person’s thoughts, and therefore actions].  However,  the “illness” part of this infectious disease is hidden from the brain by MIND-generated intellectual rationalizations fed to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain by the MIND of those infected with this disease.

And this active and overwhelming fixation on sex… by a person’s MIND, is not even noticed by those infected with the disease of Homosexuality, or any of its related mentally driven perversions: Pedophilia, child abuse or torture,  bondage and mutilation, or compulsive need to expose oneself… in a sad attempt to reach out for acceptance of what that person hates within him/herself.  That such people are unaware that their  constant and unrelenting fixation on sex has become their reason for existing… is known as classic Psychological Denial.  Alas, the only people who  realize this any longer are older Psychiatrists,  naturally psychic Psychotherapists, or religious counselors whose Enlightenment allows them to resist the infection of Homosexuality.

Aside from the overwhelming fixation on sex, and seeing every person of one’s own sex as a potential opportunity for sex… the person suffering from the illness of Homosexuality is constantly looking at objects in life as sexual symbols, used to CONSTANTLY reinforce his or her “FALSE IDENTITY” as a  Homosexual.

To understand the illness of Homosexuality, one must be open to accepting that Man has a MIND, and that the MIND is capable of literally taking over one’s life. This level of psychological introspection is alien to most people, who [whether they realize it or not]… are reluctant to look into his or her own MIND, for fear of what is deeply repressed therein.

Many in Congress, as well as in the population at large, really have no idea what the Psychology of Man is all about?  And people fail to realize this because the actual Psychology of Man has been slowly [since the early 1900s] and quietly  eliminating all reference to the invisible operations of the MIND of Man.

Modern Mental Health, or what I refer to as “BS&bp” [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron ‘behavioral psychology’], began in the early 1900s when B.F. Skinner [trained in looking at animals, and then speculating as to what in the environment was causing the animals to react]… was allowed by the field of Psychology to refer to his purely intellectual ideas of Man as “psychology”.

Skinner had no idea what the Psychology of the ancient Greeks was;  what it was about; nor did he care.  His own fear of his own MIND compelled him to deny that Man even had a MIND.  In his book, B.F. Skinner: The Man and his Ideas, Richard I. Evans, quoted Skinner as saying:

“A child is influenced and changed as a biological entity by things that happen to him, but the notion that somehow or other the child of our past is still contained within us is a form of animism which serves no useful purpose in explaining present behavior.”

Skinner’s reference to “…the child of our past…” was as close as he could bring himself to mention the MIND.  Skinner was a Left-brain dominant individual, who intensely feared his own MIND.  His fixation on the behavior of Man was his own way of  avoiding even the use of the term  MIND.

Today, a century later, not one in 500 “psychologists” can even tell you what the MIND is… and yet, every mental conflict a person has is the direct result of that person’s MIND.  The illness of Homosexuality is a “mental illness,” and the denial of this illness destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, Rome, and unless America awakens to the dangers of this illness, it will destroy America the way it did these ancient civilizations.

The decision has perhaps  already been made… but then, there still may be time?

Peace, Brother James


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