When is a Soul “Ready” to begin the Journey Back Home?

Although a bit unusual, this title is precisely the  story I wish to share in this blog.

Two things occur to me at the start of this blog: 1. As a young person, I would not have had much interest in this subject. 2.  Even an older person may be in sufficient denial of aging that he or she may not be moved to pursue this subject?

So, if you are reading this blog, you are most likely Enlightened, thus, you are naturally  interested in the subject of this blog.  What causes a person to be “ready” to begin a “Journey Back Home to God”?  What else but “experience”?  What makes us accept this thing, and resist or reject that thing?  Isn’t it Knowledge born of one’s own experience?  Of course it is.

So, what would cause a person to ‘want to return to God’… if that meant giving up all one knew of this physical plane of existence [which is actually an illusion]?  Many Christians look forward to the return of Christ, and imagine they will be among those Souls chosen to reign with Christ for a thousand years.  My question to those individuals is this:  What happens at the end of the thousand years?

Another important question is this one:  Can you name one part of the Creation that is permanent, and not subject to dissolution?  The answer is, no, the entire Creation is subject to dissolution.  And during the period of dissolution, at least a Grand Dissolution, all Souls are held in a form of “sleep”.  When the Creation begins again, then the Souls are awakened, and continue their slow Spiritual Evolution toward perfection.

The alternative to this normal, natural, and permanent cycle of Creation is a Plan of God which includes each Soul that has worked very hard to rise above the MIND that is attached to each Soul.  Are these Souls the ones that were “marked” at the very beginning of the Creation?  Or, can any Soul that greatly desires to return to God, do so?  I like to imagine the return to God is open to every Soul… should a Soul at some time determine that it desperately wanted to return to God?

This blog is about those Souls that become “ready” to return to God.  “Ready” means that a Soul has acquired enough experiential Knowledge [or has engaged in and COMPLETED sufficient Karma to warrant being ready].  And this refers to both the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation.  Unless the reader truly believes that “the one life to life” notion is actually true?  In which case, it is quite likely that no Soul will acquire a COMPLETE Knowledge of Creation in just  one lifetime.

What makes sense to me is that the Purpose of Life is for we Souls to achieve sufficient Perfection [Wisdom] via Reincarnation,  so that we become “ready” to rise above the educational offerings of the physical plane of existence.  And the Souls that achieve this level of Enlightenment can “finish” off their education in the higher realms of Creation… prior to entering the Purely Spiritual Realm of God.

So, when you KNOW what the Purpose of Life is, and possess sufficient Knowledge of what Life has to offer on this Physical Dimension, then you will possess the required Knowledge to cease the cycle of birth and death, and begin a new Journey of higher plane Enlightenment in first your Astral body, then your Causal body, and  finally in your Spiritual form… you may enter the Realm where only the Spirituality  of God exists.  Mystics refer to this as becoming one with the Father.

Peace, Brother James


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