A Flaw in the Law…

The lady who holds the scales of justice wears a blindfold. Why does she wear a blindfold?

Ostensibly, the blindfold it is said… is to represent the fact she is not to be dissuaded by factors other than the “law”.  Would this in any way suggest she is guided by Truth?

Theoretically, the blindfold notion is cute, even clever… but my question is this:

Is it the Truth that Justice seeks, or is it Intellectualism used in a specific way so as to manipulate and deceive those who lack Enlightenment?

The fact is… since philosophy has yet to capture Truth… how is it the Law presumes Intellectualism will suffice for the Truth?  What is Truth, and does it have any place in the Law?  And, I ask this quite seriously.

The person lacking Conscience has no problem using one law to influence another law to “fit” or “suit” what that person wants to accomplish.  This obvious manipulation is thought of as “skill”.  And the lack of Enlightenment of those in “Law” applaud such dishonest blurring of words, terms, and even entirely different laws to achieve some devious goal.

For me, the term Truth stands for an absolute, or a constant that does not change.  The “Flaw in the Law,” so to speak, is that the Law does not seek the Truth, it seeks a “justice” that is not based on the Truth, but is rather based on skillful manipulation of relative truths that are applied by people who are quite intellectual, but at the same time… people with Souls that are quite unenlightened.

The basic Flaw in the Law is not evaluating people based on Enlightenment, but on Intellectualism, which is quite often a compensation for a lack of Consciousness.

Does it ever occur to anyone associated with the “Law,” that Man has a Soul?  And that the Soul is composed of Spiritual Energy, which is invisible, incapable of being perceived by one’s physical senses… and yet, Truth ONLY exists in the Spiritual dimension, located “Within” Man?   And, it can only be accessed via the faculty of Intuition, which is ONLY active in the Enlightened individual.

For the person who is Enlightened, this is a wonderful thing.  However, to the person who is very Intellectual, but lacking in Conscience, there is a subtle fear of the Truth that causes the unenlightened individual to become very skillful in use of the brain and intellectualism in order to use various elements of the “Law” to achieve what they want to achieve.  That is, the “LAW,” because it is not based on Truth, but is based on Abstract Words… the “Law” can [and is] manipulated by individuals who avoid the Truth as part of their self-protective way of life. And, I suspect you were not aware of this fact, were you?

Life on Earth is an illusion.  How do I KNOW this?  Because everything on this physical plane is constantly changing.  Truth is an Absolute, and it does not change, ever! And Truth does exist, but it only exists on the Spiritual Dimension, and the brain will NEVER “know” this Truth via intellect.

Abortion is murder, of this there can be no doubt.  And yet, because a collection of words were passed as a “LAW,” murder is no longer a taking of a life?  How convenient for those who lack Conscience and are unenlightened.

So, if for you, the Law seems to favor evil people, or people who are clever at intellectual deception, the reason is that the Law is CONTROLLED by individuals who lack Enlightenment, and instead… worship Intellectualism, which means… a denial of the Truth in  favor of clever manipulation of relative truths.

Therefore, for me, the Flaw in the Law is the fact that the most honest, honorable and Enlightened individuals tend to be passive, while those who lack Enlightenment tend to be Intellectually aggressive, manipulative, and self-serving, which is their way of seeking to intellectually CONTROL others.

Peace, Brother James


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