Why do Saints not come for Everyone?

This post may strike those prompted to read it as a bit strange?  First of all, how many  people even know that Saints are Souls sent into the Creation by God, specifically to gather to themselves those Souls that are “ready” to be put upon a Spiritual Path that will eventually take them back Home to God?

This concept is well-known in Eastern Mysticism, but virtually unknown in the West. The question is… how come it is so unknown?  Well, one reason is the power of the MIND of Man to grab onto and promote anything that interferes in this message.  You see, as one’s Soul acquires this understanding… at the same time one’s MIND begins losing its power over a person to keep that person from discovering he or she is a Spiritual being caught up in an illusion that he/she thinks is real.

What provides subtle clues to the Conscious Awareness of ones Soul regarding bits of Spiritual Truth [which is the Spirit spoken of by Christ in the Bible], is a subtle and slow rise in ones level of Consciousness.  And this process is experienced somewhat differently by each person.  In my writing, my symbol for process of accumulating Consciousness is referred to by the symbol “C’etc” [pronounced “C_etcetera”], and this symbol stands for the   Virtues of Life all Souls are slowly accumulating by “completing Karma” over many, many lifetimes.

Or, put another way… When your MIND creates some desire for you to participate in, it uses your own Spiritual Energy to create that desire, and you, being inexperienced with this desire, naturally dive right into it.  This does two things: 1. it reduces our store of Spiritual Energy [converting Spiritual Energy into Karma],  and 2, it creates an “Attachment”.  And all Saints, Masters, and Mystics have said over thousands of years that what keeps we Souls stuck in the cycle of birth and death is our attachments to the things of this Earth.

The basic Law of Karma is this:  As you sow, so shall you reap. Simple and absolute.

The more our Spiritual Energy is dissociated into Attachments and MIND-level energy [or Karma], the more we forget who and what we are as the MIND becomes stronger and stronger.  When a Soul is hopelessly lost in this growing trap, and it cries out for “HELP”… it is ‘heard’ by God, and that poor Soul is Mystically pulled toward a Mystic who has come into this Earth plane specifically to help such Souls.

So, if you are one of the fortunate Souls that have been pulled to a Saint, or Mystic in this lifetime, this is the reason.  It is not because you are so good, it is because you are so lost.  So, be very thankful, and do the Meditation you have been given to do, and do it with as much gusto as you can muster.  We have a long climb out of the hole we have gotten ourselves into.

Peace, Brother James


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