In Life on this Earth… There is no place for being NEUTRAL !

It would be nice to be able to go through life as though injustice, terrorism, and dishonest despots did not exist.  But the fact is, these things and evil people do exist, and what’s more… they exist because too many people pretend that what happens to the least of us… will not happen to all of us.

History is filled with awful things taking place simply because insane people are driven to do these things… due to a MIND in conflict and  an environment that is perceived by such conflicted individuals as “permissive”.

What can we do about insanity?  Quite a lot, actually… if modern mental health had a clue as to what  insanity is, what causes it, and how it can be addressed? Sadly, what we have today by way of “mental health”  is a tightly regulated body of individuals who have achieved CONTROL over  mental health and “psychology”… Not necessarily intentionally, but rather due to a collective [non-conscious] and self-protective need to protect an unknown fear of  the Esoteric dimensions of Man.

“Esoteric dimensions of Man”?  In the early 1900s, the field of Psychology allowed B.F. Skinner [a scientist who watched animals behave, and then intellectually speculated as to what in the environment of those animals might be “causing” them to react],  to call his animal watching by the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”.

The ancient Greeks coined the term Psychology, using the prefix “psyche” because psyche is defined as “Self, Soul, and Mind,” all of which refer to invisible dimensions of Man.  In other words, there was no part of ancient Psychology that referred to, nor included…  the “behavior of animals”!

One very important distinction between animals and Man is that Man has a MIND that is fully operational, whereas…  the animal MIND is instinctual… which means most of the behavior of the animal is subtly  passed on from adults of the specie.  Another aspect of this distinction is that Within Man, the Higher MIND [when activated] will support a human being pursuing the invisible Spirituality Within him/herself, and this operational phenomenon is ONLY active in Man — and only in those people who are Enlightened [research Here, if so inclined?]

Of course, those individuals [many of whom are very intellectual] who are not [as yet] Enlightened themselves, strongly object to the notion that their intellects are unable to “know” everything there is to “know”.  But the fact is… only those people who are Enlightened possess Souls that are “ready” to awaken to the Spirituality that exists Within themselves.  And the process of Enlightenment takes place entirely Within Man, and it has absolutely nothing to do with IQ, intellect, or education.

The term Within, in bold, refers to the operations that take place inside of the human body that are not physical. That is, these consist of energies whose vibrations are not capable of being perceived by the brain or physical senses of Man.  And what is capable of “experiencing” these is the faculty of Intuition, which operates Within the Spiritual dimension of Man… when a Soul has acquired a sufficient amount of the Virtues of Life [Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding].  My symbol for these Virtues is “C’etc,” [pronounced “C_etcetera”].

In other words, there is a great deal more to each  human being  than what modern medicine, or mental health can appreciate by use of the physical brain alone. And when a crucial field of study is allowed to exclude from itself those individuals who are the most Enlightened among Mankind, all human beings are in trouble.

Insanity cannot always be removed from a person, but with proper Psychotherapy, it is often correctable [WITH PROPER TREATMENT]!   To allow the insane person to remain untreated, and to operate without restrictions… is to invite disaster.

I refer to modern mental health by the symbol “BS&bp,” which can be studied more Here.

Peace, Brother James


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